Stretch Marks No No No!

Champneys Cream Stretch Marks Non!

Champneys goodness!
Champneys goodness!

So I understand a fear of your husband leaving you because stretch marks have left you looking like a zebra is perfectly normal – phew!  I’ve been obsessed since about 12 weeks with slathering on creams, lotions and potions to prevent the dreaded stretch marks.  I was lucky enough to treat myself (well who else would!) to a trip to Champneys for a day of pampering back when I was 16 weeks.  I indulged in the Blissful Bump treatment and the lovely therapist used the Champneys own range whic was lovely.  Since then I have religiously applied the Body Butter am and pm and periodically the Stretch Mark Oil to my bump.  I’ve also been using the oil on the dry skin on my arms to great effect!

A warning!  The butter and oil are both, well, pretty oily!  I have the tell tell stains on my maxi t-shirt to prove it!  But I really like this at the mo, it leaves my bump feeling moisturised all day and night no matter the contact with fabrics (including my duvet oops!).  And touch wood, I daren’t event write this, I’m jinxing myself I know, I haven’t yet succumbed to the zebra look . . .

I’m taking a sample bottle of palmers stretch mark cream on my hols in a few weeks to try as the Champneys products are massive and above my cabin bag allowance (you know the tiny tiny see through bag you are allowed on the actual plane with – boo hiss), so I’ll let you know how that goes, but so far Champneys is my absolute fav!

Loves – the scent is pretty mild, gingery citrusy.  The products are formulated without parabens, or SLES or paraffin oils – good for bump!  There is a room spray to match and a shower gel and you can get all from Boots or direct from Champneys.  I think it’s a little bit of luxuary to treat yourself and who doesn’t love that?

Not so loves – this is personal preference, the butter is v oily, and it can stain your clothes.  I personally like this right now as it stays on my skin all day and night.

Overall – so far so good.

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