Starting Them Young – Baby Beauty?!

Starting them young!
Starting them young!

I know you already think I’m nuts!  But one of my many many pre baby purchases has been shampoo / body baby wash in preparation for the arrival of my little Glamourpuss in two months time 👪

The subject of what to use on your little ones delicate new skin is a hotly debated subject on pregnancy forums – and I should know I spend a lot of time on those!  Anyhow, my plan is, other than opting for cotton wool and water for the first couple of weeks, I will be using Neals Yard baby products.

Ive chosen Neals Yard because it’s full of organic loveliness and no nasties.  For example the baby shampoo Organic contains chamomile and lavender and ‘mild vegetable based cleansers’.  So far I’ve got my little one a couple of bottles of the shampoo, the soap and the baby balm (to act as a barrier cream, nappy rash sorter outer!).

I can’t tell you how good they are for your little ones, but I can tell you they smell lovely and have all the right stuff packed in and of course are expertly blended by such a trusted brand. I will post more at some point to let you know how I’m getting on with actually using these on my little person!

The only downside so far, yep you guessed it they are not the cheapest baby products you can buy, and I’m not sure how sustainable it will be for me to buy these, but they are a nice to have aren’t they?  Also like most expensive purchases I only ever buy when I get something free with purchase.  I spy another good offer on the Neals Yard website at the moment with a minimum spend.  When I stocked up I got a free shower gel, which was a lovely luxuary freebie!

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