Bobbi Brown Shimmering Sands Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown New Eye Palette

Now I love me some Bobbi Brown and I’m slightly obsessed with eye shadows at the mo, so I spyed this new addition to the range a week or so ago online.  At the time I ordered, there were some good freebies with a minimum spend, which I felt helped to justify the £52 (😱) price tag!  I know blimey!

The reviews on the Bobbi Brown website are pretty mixed and lots of people are complaining about the size and cost.  Because of this I felt I was prepared to receive a tiny palette.  I was pleasantly surprised though!  You get twelve different shades (they are small, about the size of a one pence piece) and to be honest they are all beautiful neutral shades with a high pigmentation pay off.  They are all super blendable, so I’m sure there will be lots of playing, trial and error for me in the days ahead!

My absolute favourite shades so far are the Golden Sand Shimmer Wash and then the Bronzed Sand for some outer definition.  The mirror is a great size, making this perfect to take on your summers hols, and of course you get a mini double ended Bobbi eyeshadow brush to play with.

Loves – All twelve colours are stunning and perfect for my slightly tanned skin.  If you love Browns then this is definitely for you.

Not so in love – the price!  Ouch!  The set is on the small side, so if you are going to take the plunge make sure you do it on a day/week with a good offer on the Bobbi website.  I’ve found the offers are a little hit and miss, but once every month / two months you get an almost too good to be missed one!  Keep your eyes peeled!

Overall – I love it, of course I do!  I wouldn’t re-purchase because I’m fickle and I’m sure there will be something better or prettier around by the time I need to!  I am glad I invested in this beauty though.

2 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Shimmering Sands Eye Palette

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