Friday Obsession – my love affair with everything Liz Earle

Friday's Obsession - Liz Earle
Friday’s Obsession – Liz Earle

I started my love affair with Liz Earle products when I moved up North two and a half years ago (only to move back down South recently).  A colleague took me to their store in the centre of Leeds and I was hooked.  I indulged in regular Healthy Beautiful facials, which have a cult following and it’s easy to see why.  I mainly went for the thirty minutes of facial massage which sent my mind a wondering to a distant, beautiful half sleep, half never let this end!  I loved all the staff in that store who instantly made me feel welcome, shared their love of all the products and offered a restful tranquil shopping experience in the heart of the City.

Sadly I now no longer have a Liz Earle store on my doorstep, so now my pilgrimage is to their delightful website or my nearest John Lewis counter.  By the photo you can probably tell I pretty much have every product they sell!

I couldn’t live without their Hot Cloth Cleanser (about £15 depending on whether you need the muslin cloths or have built up a stock!) – it’s my nightly ritual, followed by a sweep of Instant Boost Tonic (£14.50).  The cleanser smells expensive and cuts through a jolly good troweling of makeup and the toner removes and last traces of anything pore clogging, while also feeling like a little spa luxuary.  These two products are the staple of the regime and if you have never tried, I seriously urge you to.  They are universally beneficial for all skin types, to the point where I use them consistently no matter if my skin is wind burnt from the winter, sun burnt from the summer, sensitive from stress, oily from being a teenager or a little more normal from now being pregnant.

Im hooked on lots of other products from the range and I want to give them the proper space and time to review them individually, but here is a quick run down of my routine: After my cleanse and polish and tonic I opt for either Skin Repair moisturiser in light (£20.25) for when it’s hot, or my great indulgence Superskin Moisturiser with natural neroli (£39).  Now this latter moisturiser is aimed at more mature skins, but it is my go to for every season other than high summer, because it’s relatively oiler in consistency and feel once on your skin.  The one with neroli is a relatively new addition, but one I could not live without.  I love the scent of neroli, which is an expensive essential oil adding to the indulgence!

I am also an eye cream junky – I’ve worn eye cream since my early teens (normally very high end creams, think Dior etc) and I’ve been a religious repurchaser of Superskin Eye and Lip Treatment (£27.50) since I discovered Liz Earle.  It’s their top of the range eye cream and it feels it!  I apply this every morning, like the Superskin moisturiser it is a little more on the oily side, totally fragrance free, but my goodness it works to protect that delicate eye area.  I’ve never used it on my lips so can’t comment on that angle, but I firmly believe this is the best eye cream on the market.

Its it’s probably worth pointing out that they suggest you take advice from your GP or midwife when using some of the Superskin products for pregnant ladies (along with some of the perfumes) due to the high concentrate of essential oils.  I’ve consistently ignored this because I love the products so much and believe the natural ingredients are more beneficial that switching to synthetic, supposedly safe for pregnancy products.  I find the relaxing routine I’ve created with these products has helped keep calm and content in mind and body during my pregnancy.

I’ll review the masks, exfoliator, hair products and perfume in future posts.

It goes without saying that Liz Earle is not only my Friday obsession, but my daily, can’t live without, never run out of stock obsession!

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