Philip Kinglsey Haul

Philip Kingsley Haul!
Philip Kingsley Haul!

My Philip Kingsley haul arrived this week from Feel Unique – shhhh!  So I ordered the brilliant new PK Elasticizer in the new geranium and neroli version.  I also ordered the conditioner in Moisture Extreme.  I never splurge without a freebie or getting a bargain, so with these purchases I received a free spa set with three great products to try – yippee!

First up Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Conditioner.  I go through litres of conditioner because I use it incredibly liberally at every wash and I like to feel these things working so more is better when it comes to conditioners!  The people at PK say this one is formulated ‘specifically for extremely porous, tight curls and all variations of ethnic hair textures. It is also suitable for chemically processed/relaxed hair and synthetic hair.’  I use it on my very fine, but coloured hair, all over from root to tip, with a very good and lengthy rinse after leaving it for about two minutes in the shower.  I find this conditioner really great for my dry and damaged hair, it’s never left my hair weighed down or greasy like some reviewers have found.  It’s definitely improved the dryness issue and it’s smells lovely to boot!  It’s pricey at £20 for a 200ml tube, but this stuff lasts a long time.

Next up the new Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer.  This retails at £31.50 for a reasonable sized pot.  It’s meant to be used as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment (lots of people slather it on dry hair, pop on the included shower cap and sleep in it overnight), I personally shampoo first then apply to wet hair, pop on the shower cap and leave for at least thirty minutes before rising thoroughly in the shower, adding a blast of cold water for extra shine.  This new version is DIVINE!  it’s made with 100% natural neroli, geranium, lavender, rose and orange oils. I bought it because I do really like the original and I’ve seen lots of bloggers rave about this new version.  I also love neroli, I find it’s creeping into more and more high-end products (my favourite Liz Earle Superkin contains neroli as well).   After use I could still smell the divine fragrance, and in terms of performance, this new version is also every bit as good as the original.  In fact I might sleep with this on tonight!

Just a quick mention, the free gift I received from Feel Unique contains a mid-sized original Elasticizer (no complaints here!), a mid-sized stimulating scalp mask (I use this already and will do a full post on this, its fab combined with Elasticizer) and then something I haven’t tried before the daily damage defence spray (I’ll try this out and review it in a future post).

Overall one happy bunny with the mail this week!  And super happy for free gifts. Hurrah!

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