Swollen legs, ankles, feet, the third trimester is unbelievably fun!

I still haven ankles, right? Right?!
I still have ankles, right? Right?!

This weekend just gone I have been introduced to the joys that are swollen legs, ankles and feet!  Thank you pregnancy!  I looked down last night in sheer horror to see my ankles had completely disappeared behind a puffy, squishy layer of fluid!  Grim! It was grim!  It’s also extremely uncomfortable.

Now if this happens to you suddenly, for no reason (unlike me, wearing tight sandals, standing for most of the day, getting over heated all weekend) or its coupled with other symptoms you do not usually experience in your pregnancy, then don’t hesitate you need to call NHS 111 or your midwife etc etc whatever get a medical opinion and advice – NOW!

Last night I drank lots of water, elevated my legs and generally rested (and took those ridiculously tight sandals off!).  This morning I’ve woken up with a little ankle definition restored, it’s still not great but it’s getting better!  Anyhow here are my top tips of how to cope with this beauty when your stuck at home  or in the office etc

  • Elevate.  Your feet should be higher than your hips
  • Drink plain water, loads, to flush through the retained water
  • Find a cooling leg gel and get your partner to physically massage the water away from feet, ankles and legs.  When my hubby gets home from work today, he will be doing this!  Despite my hairy legs!!
  • You could try standing in a cold shower, concentrating the shower on your legs to get some relief.  Or stick your feet in a bowl of cold water, you get the idea!
  • You cannot take Aquaban (even the herbal stuff) when you are pregnant
  • You could try a cooling spray like Cussons Bump, Cool and Revive Soothing Spray (not sure it’s done much for me!  It’s about £4 from Boots, I think it may be just giving me something else to do rather than stare at my massive puffy feet!)

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