Illamasqua Addiction!

Just a little bit of an Illamasqua habit!
Just a little bit of an Illamasqua habit!

I have an ever so slight addiction to Illamasqua eyeshadow right now! I discovered the brand a few years ago by chance wandering through the Victorian Quarter in Leeds.  They are super famous for being the go to choice of make up artists and of being uber creative.

I adore the eyeshadows.  They retail at £16.50 (sign up and you get money off on your birthday and from your third order).  It’s a pretty high end price tag but I doubt you could ever use up one of these babies – the quantity is massive!  You can see I have shed loads of the colours, my favs are the browns and more subtle base colours such as Slink, Bronx, Justify and Wolf. I also love Sex, a pure white for highlighting / contouring etc.  The colours are all super pigmented, use sparingly at first because these colours really do pack a punch.

The Illamasqua website and following on You Tube has some excellent tutorials from perfecting a cut crease to some pretty cool Halloween craziness!

I also have the multi facet palette in Semblace (I bought for full price but it’s now half price ish which is a total bargain).  This palette is an excellent introduction to the high pigment shadows and also contains a beautiful blush and their amazing highlighter called Gleam.  This set is absolutely stunning for taking on hols and once you try Gleam you will wonder how you ever coped without a highlighter!

My daily Illamasqua product is the loose translucent setting powder.  This retails at £24.50.  I’m still on my original pot with no sign this running out any time soon.  This powder I cannot praise enough, it’s perfectly  mattifying, super fine and smells divine.

I love that Illamasqua actively encourage the creative and I love that your purchases make you want to experiment, spending hours in front of the mirror trying new things.  My only tiny issue is that they’ve very recently changed their website and it’s not as easy to navigate with an iPad as it used to be.

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