My Pregnancy Essentials

Being pregnant is not all coffee mornings,  knitting booties and day dreaming about what impact your little one will make on the world when they arrive, graduate from medical school and find a cure for cancer!  I’ve found the last ‘home’ stretch hard.  No one really warned me that lugging this baby round during a particularly hot English summer, would lead to loosing all ankle definition!  Or that morning sickness comes back, and it’s just as bad as when you were twelve weeks.  Or that it’s really true, that you lose all contact with your feet, you don’t look down and see them in the shower anymore, and putting socks on is nigh on impossible!

Nobody really also told me that my skin would be the best it’s ever been, yes I’m more sensitive to the sun, but my goodness it does actually glow!  No signs of breakouts here for months now!  And my hair!  It’s stopped shedding altogether, making my thin scraggly hair look like it has volume!  Yes the elusive volume!

Anyhow!  Here are just a few thoughts on some essentials and a couple of products that have really helped get me to this stage!  Enjoy!

  1. Vitamin supplements* – (*here I stress this is my routine – don’t copy without medical advice) ladies you know you are meant to take your folic acid supplement from day one all the way through to the end of your first trimester.  I’ve taken my supplements all the way through without fail.  I’ve been taking the following:

Floradix – (approx.£9 for 80 tablets – generally available in health food shops) this is the daddy of anti fatigue vitamins due to a large hit of iron, along with loads of other essentials.  I take two every morning.

Iron supplement – (really cheap and widely available, often combined with vitamin C to help absorption) I’ve had to up my iron intake in the last trimester  as I’m slightly anemic, which apparently is really common.

High strength vitamin D – (again cheap and usually available in good health food shops) I’ve taken this in addition to the above.  I’ve been advised previously, that an additional shot of vitamin D is often suggested for those struggling to conceive, or maintain a pregnancy.  In the UK we also simply don’t get enough and its vital for babies in the womb / growing bones etc.

2. Stretch mark creams – you can read my full post on my favourite here

3.  Knowing the difference between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ morning sickness.  Until about sixteen weeks I suffered with pretty terrible nausea.  It literally stopped one day, so anyone going through the same, there is hope!  What didn’t work for me was all this ginger ‘guff!’.  Eat ginger biscuits, eat ginger sweets, drink ginger tea etc etc they made me feel a hundred times worse!  If this happens to you, try mints!  It may be that like me, you suffer from hot morning sickness and you actually need to be cooled down.  I’m hoping this makes sense!  Ginger will only make you hotter and more uncomfortable, and yup more sick.  Try spearmint sweeties or peppermint tea.

4. People who tell you to sleep now and at every opportunity, because when the baby gets here you will never sleep again, are, yes very annoying but half right?!  If you fancy an afternoon power nap you darn well go have one!  It’s your body, trust it and do what you want to do.  I’m a huge advocate of a power nap, especially as I’m usually bolt awake at 3am so gotta get my Zzzzzs somewhere!

5. Pregnancy pillows are hit and miss.  I got one early on, a giant U shaped thing that lived under the bed until my hip pain became unbearable.  I then spent one excruciating night trying to get comfortable in this monstrosity and now it lives back under the bed!  Lesson here – if it doesn’t work in pregnancy it may be useful post birth!  My intention is to use this to support me breast feeding.  My actual best sleeping related purchase has been a new mattress for our bed.  My husband is a wriggler and I found with our coil / memory foam thing, every movement he made, felt like a salmon flipping and woke me up!  I invested in a solid foam mattress and although Hubby doesn’t think it’s as comfortable, it works for me, I can’t feel him bouncing around anymore!

6. Pamper yourself!  I have never had a problem with this, but if you fancy a more expensive than usual body cream or shampoo, then why shouldn’t you?  You are special anyway, but even more so now and you deserve a little something just for you.  Being pregnant is not about losing your identity, it’s about enhancing it!  Some of my favourite, slightly naughtier purchases pictured!  Molton Brown bath gel, for the new rhubarb fragrance, a cooling leg spray (for the swollen limbs), Elemis Frangipani Monoi Oil, Champneys Blissful Bump range, Sainsburys non alcoholic fizz and keeping reminding myself I will throw glamorous dinner parties again one day, with a little help from Lisa VanderPump’s Simply Divine

Pregnancy Essentials, well little bits and bobs that help me cope!
Pregnancy Essentials, well little bits and bobs that help me cope!

7. The Internet is a good and bad place.  You don’t need to Google every twinge or weird symptom, if you do the result is likely to be bad.  Trust in your medical professionals, but also trust in yourself and your instincts.  There are some niggles you shouldn’t ignore, reduced movements (check out, anything radically unusual for you or if you have a couple or more unusual little things.  Also arm yourself with the ability to deal with an emergency now before it happens, think about attending a first aid course (see my post on the Red Cross here)

Hope this helps, a bit!  Xxx

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