The Holy Grail of Body and Hair Oils!

The holy grail of beauty oils!
The holy grail of beauty oils!

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil is in my very humble opinion, the absolute best hair, body and bath oil on the planet.  We first met at Ragdale Hall years and years ago and my mum and I snapped up a couple of bottles of this wonder oil.  I have since had Elemis treatments where I have requested this oil specifically.  The scent is beyond divine, it’s tropical, its sweet, mood ehancing, luxurious, elegant, powerful, exotic and one of a kind.

Its now an oldie but a goody!  It retails at about £34, so it’s pretty high end.  I think, however, with its multiple uses this is justifiable.  I adore putting this in my hair and asking my hubby to give me a relaxing head massage the night before I wash my hair.  The scent lasts all night and I find it penetrates my hair to give an excellent deep down condition.   I also use this on dry patches of skin on my arms, again it works a treat and the scent lasts and lasts.

You can always tell when an oil based product has high quality ingredients as they come solidified.  This oil needs warming in the bottle in hot water or between your hands before you use.  (Top tip as you are running your bath, pop the whole sealed bottle in to melt the contents and remove ready for post bath application) This also helps you to use the product sparingly, you don’t have to wait to melt it all!

Loves – the fragrance is unique, the ingredients are top quality and it has multiple excellent uses

Not so Loves – it’s pricey, take a deep breath before you purchase!

Overall – I repurchase again and again.  This stuff is pure gold!

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