The staples in my hair wardrobe!

The staples in my hair wardrobe!
The staples in my hair wardrobe!

I’m not going to fib, I spend quite a bit of hard earned mullar on my hair in terms of products.  I occasionally dalliance with salon brands and gimmicky split end repairers that miraculously work overnight, bla bla no they don’t!  Anyhow I always return to my Liz Earle staples in the form of Botanical Shine Shampoo (£10) and Botanical Shine Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair (£10).  Both represent excellent value for money, they are full of beneficial high-end ingredients and they come in pretty big tubes for the price.

The shampoo smells super unique and very Liz Earle!  Its an adaptive shampoo for all hair types and works perfectly for my normal to dry hair.  It’s made from shea butter, natural source vitamin E and shine-boosting apple and orange.  It cleanses hair without stripping it of natural lustre, however it also cleans the hair really well.  My hair type has changed over the years and it’s now verging on pretty dry so I’m compensating with lashings of decent conditioners.  I find this shampoo has worked for both when my hair was a little greasy to now it’s a little drier.

The conditioner is super moisturising, and it’s also super thick.  I put this all over my scalp right through to the ends (which are very dry).  I can always tell a good conditioner by the comb-ability post wash, and after using this I always have no trouble getting a brush through my hair without tangles.  The scent is much more subtle than the shampoo but it’s still very pleasant.  It contains shea butter and softening Kalahari melon oil, plus protective blue seakale. It makes my hair super soft and manageable and I love it!  This is a relatively new formula for Liz Earle conditioners (I was lost when their older version went out of stock for months).  Ultimately this conditioner is great for dry hair and also helps maintain my colour.

There are other options available for the conditioner which I haven’t tried, I love this one too much!

Loves – great price for high-end ingredients

Not so Loves – only a fear that they run out of stock as they did with a previous incarnation of the conditioner

Overall – I’ll always have a stock of both the shampoo and conditioner as my hair wardrobe staple

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