Make Up Store Swedish Make Up Haul!

Oooo pretty eyes!
Oooo pretty eyes!
Make Up Store mini haul!

When in Rome . . . Well when in Sweden you obviously need to watch the sailing, eat the cinnamon buns and sample the stunning scenery, Oooo and obviously have a holiday romance with Swedish make up brand, Make Up Store.

My poor husband got dragged round a department store in Gothenburg where I stumbled across this brand I’d never discovered until now!

The eye shadows retail for about €15 and the eye pencil for €11

I plumped for the eye pencil in Seduced by the Dark – a matte, warm, burnt chocolate.  The eye pencil selection is vast and I may need to spend some more hard earned pennies on the sparkly gold version of this!  The pencil is super super soft.

I then opted for two of the marble microshadows (there is nothing micro about these!  They come in size of your average blusher!).  I got a beautiful shimmering gold and a beachy, summery silver / blue / whitish called Alicante.  I bought both as eyeshadow washes to sit under something a little bolder for definition.  Again I may need to go back as the range and options were pretty vast.  I tried an awful lot of colours in store and managed to build and combine some, to make some interesting effects and colours!

The products I bought I tested on my hand.  Getting back to the hotel they needed some serious washing off.  This can only be a good thing!  I would imagine these beauties would last all day and all night!

Make Up Store products are available across Sweden, in a few places in the US and only in London in the UK – boo hiss!  See husband, I really do need to stock up now!!

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