Friday Obsession – Coming Home to My Guys!

Sleepy from kennels?!
Sleepy from kennels?!
Guarding the bump!
Guarding the bump!

We’ve been away for the week on a kind of babymoon to Gothenburg in Sweden. We’ve had a brilliant time watching the final of the Volvo Ocean Race, doing some sightseeing, having some lovely meals, strolling hand in hand, that kind of thing! But it’s meant, that for six nights our beautiful dogs have been in kennels. I’m beyond neurotic about putting the dogs into kennels, I’ve imagined all kinds of awful things happening to them, so as you can imagine, first thing this morning we were queued outside the kennels ready to collect Mushroom the rescue terrier and Waffles the border collie.

The people at our kennels had fallen in love with both of our little guys, and they seem to have had a brilliant time! We are all home now and the usual chaos has resumed! Mushroom is sunbathing in the garden, Waffles is in his element playing with the watering hose. This afternoon we will take them for a walk over to my mum’s so they can play with their ‘cousin’ Frosty the lurcher. Next time my little guys go anywhere, I’ll be in labour and our little family will grow!

Our house is not a home without our dogs. As much as I love visiting new places, and seeing a bit of the world, my heart is always at home with my canine family Xxx

2 thoughts on “Friday Obsession – Coming Home to My Guys!

    1. They’re so naughty! Don’t get me started on the kennel worries! I have crazy anxiety about the kennels burning down, or people abusing the dogs, or them falling ill. It almost ruined this holiday as my first thought in the morning and last thought at night was always imagining something terrible happening. If I’m this bad with my dogs, imagine my baby’s first day at school!! Thanks for reading and for the comment! Xx


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