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Heaven Scent
Heaven Scent

Continuing my love affair with all things Liz Earle, I thought I would share my two favourite fragrances from the range.

First up the relatively recently returned Botanical Essence No 100 (£49).  This is more subtle than my other favourite No 1, but it still packs a punch.  It’s extremely floral with notes of rose and jasmine coupled with an intense almost woody hit of cypress and sandalwood.  The thing with both this and No 1 is that they last and last.  You don’t really need to reapply during the day and they are both very unique, never copied, I presume due to the high content of pure ingredients.  No 100 is my favourite, a perfect go to summer scent.  I’ve taken this on holiday with me, I really enjoy taking a different scent with me for different holidays so that when I revisit the perfume I’m reminded of wonderful holidays (this one I took on a week away to Washington DC back in 2014).

Next No 1 (£49), from the photo you can see I’ve used more that the No 100, but this is purely down to the fact that I’ve owned this one longer and that this was the first Liz Earle fragrance I’ve purchased.  I find this a lot stronger than No 100, it’s incredibly distinctive and unique.  This scent contains bergamot, lavender, rose and spicy patchouli.  This scent reminds me of old school Hollywood glamour coupled with that memory of when you were little watching your mum get ready for a dinner party.

Both fragrances are beautiful, wearable and I find it’s unlikely you’ll find someone else wearing the same.  The packaging is divine as well, an extra touch of luxury.  Again, due to the high level of essential botanicals you may wish to take advice from your midwife before using.  I’ve used both throughout my pregnancy though.

Loves – unique, complex scents, never copied

Not so Loves – high end price tag, but I think the quantity and quality represent very good value

Overall – a repurchase and definitely a great gift for a special lady

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