Liz Earle – the best limited edition yet?

Get it while it's hot!
Get it while it’s hot!

Ahoy hoy!  (Sorry!) so have you seen Liz Earle’s latest limited edition cleanse and polish?  This newbie is Jasmine & Osmanthus, a super summery addition to the limited’s hall of fame.  So I have mixed feelings about these limited’s.  The last one I tried, and I really hate to admit this, made me feel quite nauseous when using it (it was the chamomile one).  However I’m a sucker for anything new that ‘LE’ brings out and spotted this one before we went on our hols, so kind of had to have it!

The good news is, it doesn’t make me feel nauseous!  I used it for the first time last night.  The scent is delicate, quite far removed from the others I’ve tried before, very different from the original.  I’d say it was the best I’ve used so far (it can’t beat the original – nothing can!).  It makes a really nice change if you are as hooked as I am on the original.  The texture is pretty much the same as the original, maybe slightly lighter.  It does the same job, it gets rid of all of your makeup and daily grime and ickiness, when used with your muslin cloths.  I always hated the idea of a cream based cleanser due to having oily skin, but I think the combination of this and using hottish water with your muslin makes you feel like you are having a jolly good scrub, making your face feel squeaky clean!  It’s not in the slightest bit harsh or stripping, perfect for thirty something’s upwards.

It comes in a supersize, which I generally find last months (I only use my cleanse and polish at night, preferring a wash in the shower in the morning), you get two big muslin cloths with a new grey edging and a limited edition canister (which LE makes a big thing of being collectible, I guess you could use them for pencils or something?).

It retails at £20.75 which may seem a lot for a cleanser, but it really does last and if you haven’t used this system before, try it, you will be hooked!

Loves – a fresh newbie addition, does the same great job, like the new design muslin cloths, lasts and lasts

Not so loves – stop making a big thing about the cardboard canisters?!  Maybe?!

Overall – get it while it’s hot.  The limited’s that fans love sell out super quickly, my prediction is that this is one of those!

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