Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask – Mmm tingly!

PK scalp mask, tingly goodness!
PK scalp mask, tingly goodness!

I’ve come back to this mask recently having purchased my second tube (£15 for a little bottle – I get mine from Feel Unique).  I love a good hair mask and I use this one combined with a more moisturising mask on the mid-lengths and ends (I also really like PK’s Elasticizer for the ends).

Its a slightly surprising texture in that it has an added exfoliator, so it feels a bit gritty.  This mask is for your scalp only, so the exfoliator works on your scalp.

How I Apply

I apply my mask after shampooing, I apply this in circular movements on my scalp and then apply a more moisturising mask through the mid-lengths and ends.  I then wrap the whole lot up in a shower cap and relax somewhere (usually bed with a good book) for at least thirty minutes.  I then rinse out in the shower and finish with a cold rinse, brrr(!) for extra shine.  This is different to the instructions certainly for the Elasticizer, but it works for me.

This stimulating mask really is stimulating!  It contains menthol and peppermint, so it feels super cooling and tingly when you apply, and this doesn’t go away as I sit under my shower cap!  Recently my scalp has been so dry that I’ve suffered from a spot of unsightly dandruff (eww gross).  I find if I use this mask once a week it clears it up nicely!  I also slather on a lot of oils in between washes to help with the moisture.

I have very fine hair, but a lot of it, if that makes sense and this mask works really well for that combination.  It’s massively helped sort out my very dry scalp.  I’ve seen some criticism from online reviewers / bloggers about the price tag of this mask.  I have to strongly disagree, yes the tube is on the small side but it’s only £15!  I get a good three applications out of the tube, remember it’s for your scalp only.  I think that represents very good value, and I’m not aware of any other product on the market designed to give the same results, or that feels as lovely as this one does.

Loves – super stimulating mask with the added benefit of banishing unsightly dandruff.

Not so Loves – I guess you need to purchase a separate mask for your mid-lengths and ends to get the maximum out of the time you invest in a hair mask application.  This could make this at home treatment maybe on expensive side.

Overall – it’s a nice to have, maybe if you receive in a kit or as part of an offer

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