Biore nose strips – confession of a nose strip examiner!

Pore be gone!
Pore be gone!

I remember back in the day when these were first launched, I was a teen obsessed with spraying Impulse 02 (remember that?) at every available opportunity while pouring over Just Seventeen (why did they ever stop publishing that?!).  I remember they where cripplingly expensive to repurchase as often as my huge black, black, pores required, while maintaining that weekly subscription and polluting the ozone layer daily!

Well now I’ve recently thought the cavernous pores of my nose deserved a jolly good excavation and I’ve bought myself a six pack!  You can still buy these in Boots for £7.99 along with some other fabulous products from their range, including new charcoal based products (including the facial wash you can see in my photo).

If you’ve never used these (say whaaaat?) all you do is cleanse as normal, apply some relatively hottish water to your nose (it’s got to be really wet), crack open the strip sachet, peel off the film backing and firmly attach to your nose, smoothing out any air pockets as fast as you can.  In my experience it then takes a good fifteen minutes before they dry out completely, pretty much rock hard.  And then the fun bit!  You peel the strip off and inspect the grossness that was lodged in your pores!  And it is gross . . .

I used my first strip in several years, this very morning!  They have definitely improved the formula as it was well and truly stuck to my nose after fifteen minutes, to the point where is was a little uncomfortable to remove.  But! The results!  Oh the results!  My used strip was laden with gross pore clogging debris!  Afterwards your nose feels pretty tight, mainly because you have literally stripped everything out of the pores, and probably taken a good layer of skin off to boot!  Post use, my nose is squeaky clean!  Gone are the blackheads – yippee!

Top tip – give the old pores a rest after using these, no makeup for me today, or use at night and then leave your nose naked, no oils or creams for an old fashioned breathe and restful night.

As I ordered from Boots, I stocked up with a three for two offer.  So I got two packs of nose strips and the new charcoal wash.  I’ve heard great things about this latest ‘fad’ ingredient (Origins have been including this for years in their masks), so thought I’d give this drug store versions whirl.  It’s meant to draw all the nasties out and away from your skin.  I love a facial wash in the morning in the shower, so this one currently has pride of place in my shower.

This wash retails at £4.99 and what a bargain it is!  It really works, making your skin feel crazy clean.   It smells lovely and you don’t even need a full pump to do your whole face.  I’d say it would be even better for teenage skin, than my slightly more lived in face!  I’ll use it as a bi-weekly deep down clean out, as I’m a little concerned it may dry out my now more mature skin.

Loves – both products do what they say and represent excellent value for money

Not so Loves – warning use of pore strips becomes addictive!  You should only do this 2-3 times a week at most!

Overall – now I’m a little bit older I think these products are great value!  The original and the best pore strip on the market – LOVE! X

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