Look Fantastic June Beauty Box – Review

June Beauty Box
June Beauty Box

Righty!  So Im a Beauty Box virgin, and I’m pretty late coming to this trend!  Well better late than never?  Right?  I feel as a thirty something I’ve got my skin care down, I know my skin type, I know what works and what doesn’t etc.  Ive steered clear of beauty boxes for this reason, I don’t need to try a load of sample products, I don’t really want to deviate from what I know works.  When I was younger I used to religiously buy every new product that came out, I never stuck to one brand, or one product longer than a couple of repurchases.  How times have changed!

So after much procrastination and researching the best I took the plunge and bought Look Fantastic’s June Beauty box.  I’ve specifically not blogged about this before July, as there seems to be an unwritten rule among the beauty blogging community about not revealing the contents of boxes until the month after.

So the premise is that for £15 you get a box worth £53.  Great stuff I thought, until it arrived.  £53 are you serious?!  I got six sample sized products of middling end skin and hair care – no makeup.  The Redken shampoo sample would at most last me one wash (I always double shampoo!).  The Murad sample I was beyond excited to try.  It’s the Murad Collagen Infusion (which is pretty expensive for the full size) and gets excellent reviews in terms of instant results on fine lines and saggy skin!  I tried it last night and this morning, and I was super impressed with the appearance of the lines around my eyes, my usual pillow trenches (!) were definitely softened.  I may have to invest in the full size . . . .

I’ll give them that!  And the reviews on the Look Fantastic website seem to highlight the Nuxe cream and Caudalie serum as the best bits of the box. I’m also keen to try the Ren mask.  I have used Ren products before and I do like them, but let’s be honest they sell Ren and indeed Murad in Marks and Spencer’s!

But seriously, £53!  For samples you normally get free with magazines (check out July’s Marie Claire for a good freebie of Elemis skin care).  I was desperate to love these boxes, especially since starting this blog and feeling a bit out of touch with new products.  I feel at £15 this is a pretty good deal and I most probably will try another Look Fantastic box, I’ll try July’s offering.  I would plead with Look Fantastic to not tell me I’m getting £53 worth of goodies though!  I do feel cheated!  Yep I know the full sizes of some of these products are expensive, but these are sample sizes, let’s be honest.

Loves – if you’re not settled into a routine, or want to shake it up a bit, or need some travel sized products to take on hols, don’t hesitate.  Good value at £15.

Not so Loves – please don’t try to make me believe this really would cost £53 in any other circumstances!  Please!

Overall – I will take the plunge and try another LF box!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

7 thoughts on “Look Fantastic June Beauty Box – Review

  1. Great point!

    I get Birchbox too. I think if you’re looking to try and test out new products you wouldn’t otherwise jump to buy they are awesome but like you, with and sub box I’m always suspicious over whether you’re really getting the value they claim.

    Still they are great for inspiration and findings new gems, Birchbox is definitely a good bet, plus they have the points system which is a nice perk.
    If you do try it out this link will get you 50 bonus points (£5 in points).
    https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/theasthinkings 🙂



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