Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask – Review

A seriously deep cleanse!
A seriously deep cleanse!

Now you know I love everything Liz Earle, well this has been my go to mask as long as I’ve used their products.  I love a jolly good deep cleansing clay based mask and this is without doubt the best on the market.  It retails at £15.75 for the mask and two special sponges for cleaning the mask off once you are done.

I have relatively sensitive skin (stress of any variety shows on my skin in the form of dermatitis), and this mask is not recommended for us sensitive types.  However, I find it is still gentle enough for me to use, when my skin is behaving normally that is.  I wouldn’t use it when I’ve got my stress dermatitis obviously!

I slather this on my whole face, you can use it selectively to treat more targeted areas, for example it’s good to pop it on a naughty breakout or two overnight.  I cleanse using my usual hot cloth cleanse and polish, tone and then pop this on, leave to dry for fifteen minutes or so, and then finally use the sponges to clean off using warm water.  I only use this mask at night as I like to really let my skin breathe after using.  The morning after my skin is ridiculously smooth, and applying makeup is a dream!

A single tube lasts me a really long time, I think I’ve repurchased three times over the course of about two and a half years of consistent use!  I hasten to add I also use Liz’s other two masks religiously!  The great thing about the masks is you can mix with a little of the cleanse and polish.  For this one adding the cleanse and polish makes it a little less harsh – it’s a deep cleanse after all, so you should expect it to do just that!

The after effects of this mask last a good few days, my skin is exfoliated, clearer and definitely smoother.  I love this mask, if you have oily, combination or slightly dull skin you will too!   Ooo don’t use if you’ve had a cold, and have even the merest hint of a sore nose!  This will sting like ******!!!!!!

Loves – great clay based mask, lovely clean smell, fantastic deep cleanse, good value for money

Not so Loves – the sponges get a bit manky after a lot of use!  You may need to replace them before you buy a new tube of this mask

Overall – my absolute favourite mask

Mmmmm pretty!
Mmmmm pretty!

5 thoughts on “Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask – Review

  1. I love this product, I have just bought the full size. It’s such a lovely light weight cleanser that gives a deal clean. I love the cloths that come with it too. Great Post.


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