Urban Decay All Nighter Review

UrbanDecay All Nighter
UrbanDecay All Nighter

So this one really should be a Friday Obsession, but it’s really an every day and special event obsession.  I was introduced to this beauty on my wedding day back in 2013 and I immediately purchased post honeymoon and have repurchased ever since.

Now I’m an oily girl!  Literally I apply makeup and within about 10-20 minutes the oil is shining through!  My wedding day was a day that this wasn’t going to happen and my lovely makeup artist calmed me down and told me to trust in this product along with Benefit’s Pore Professional and I have to say the combination worked for me.  I literally only applied a dusting of powder post ceremony and that was me done, no shine for the whole day.

Anyhow this stuff is truly amazing.  I’ve no idea how it works, but after doing your makeup you spritz once over your entire face and you are set!   Foundation goes no where, no midday slide, nada!  I use it every single day I’m wearing makeup and I apply in the morning.  Gone are my days of dancing round my handbag all night, but I can imagine if I did and applied this baby, I would still look fabulous at 3am!  No panda eyes here!

It retails at £21 and you can get it direct or some Debenhams stock the whole brand.  It also comes in a little travel size which I also have, and comes with me on hols, nights away etc.

Loves – it does exactly what it says on the tin and now comes in different versions (I’ve stuck with the original just through a sticking to what you know mentality).  I think it’s also a reasonable price, if your skeptical go for the travel size first.

Not so Loves – hmmm wracking my brain, nout really

Overall – buy me buy me!

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