My go-to eyeliners

The winning combination?
The winning combination?

Ive worn eyeliner since I was happily snug in the womb I’m sure!  My only deviation from a staple black version, was a dalliance with a brown eyeliner when I was peroxide blonde (yup not a good combination with pink skin – don’t do it!).  I’ve stuck to deepest blacks ever since and I think I’ve found my absolute, never change, heart forever, winning duo combination.

First up, I use a liquid eyeliner on the top.  I was devoted for years to Bourjois  Liner Pinceau (about £7 from Boots), mainly for the brush wand, which seemed to work for my shaky application!  I fell out of love with this when I found it increasingly difficult to find a sealed version in my local Boots (it freaks me out if these things aren’t pristine and I can’t be 100% that it’s not been touched, opened, used by anyone else in store!).  After much searching I came across Illamasqua Precision Ink (£20.50) in Abyss and I’ve never looked back!  This has a nice long pen style container, a spongy / brushy applicator and the best colour I’ve ever had.  It also doesn’t shift once it’s on! Now I’m normally useless at a wing, I’m more of a shaky line / flick type of girl, but this stuff has transformed my routine!  Even I can manage a 60’s sex kitten look with it!

The wing!
The wing!

With the applicator I find you can remove enough excess product to get a really precise application (Mmm something in the name there!), you can take your time, be really cautious and still achieve a great result!  I’ve noticed some reviewers find that this cracks or flakes off during the day.  I’m really surprised that anyone would have this problem.  I use mine on top of eyeshadow primer and some sort of eyeshadow (cream or powder) and have never had this issue at all.  It’s the way you’re applying it maybe girls?!  I’ll never look back now I’ve found this beauty, in fact writing this has made me contemplate buying a just in case stash!

On my lower lid I always use a pencil liner (I wonder how many of you do this to?).  I find it much more subtle than a liquid and easier to apply on the lower lid for some reason.  I’m a total convert to Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx (£14.50).  I got mine included in a kit some time ago, I’ve sharpened it a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to run down at all!   I find it’s quite a fat pencil so you can achieve a more blended smoky eye easily.  It has a really nice and smudgy, creamy quality to it.  It doesn’t stop my usual problem of panda eyes (I have really high cheekbones that seem to envelope my eyes my I smile or laugh, so I always get a little smudge no matter what I do!), but it’s better for this than most I’ve tried.  Considering it doesn’t wear down its an excellent long-term investment.

Both of these liners are my winning combination, I will repurchase over and over again with delight!

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