Honeymonster for Honeymania!

Oooo gimme honey!
Oooo gimme honey!

So continuing with the theme of revisiting my youth, I’ve had a little online shoppet at the Body Shop.  Along with some other fab products that I will blog about, especially in relation to pregnancy I decided to give a new scent a whirl and totally invest in a full range from one fragrance.  I haven’t stepped over the threshold of a Body Shop for a really long time, I don’t think I ever fell out of love with them, maybe I just got lost in a bubble bath filled world elsewhere?  Curious!

Anyhow, I love me some honey!  So I plumped for the Honeymania range.  This lovely range is made from fair trade honey – tick!  There is a really cute video on the Body Shop website that tells you all about the honey, bees and keepers.

I got the scrub, shower gel, perfume and the body butter.  Here is what I thought of each:

Scrub: (£13) this is a much softer body scrub than I’m used to, it’s like a sugar scrub, but without very harsh grannuals.  It was perfect on my delicate skin around my décolletage, not so great for a good old foot scrub, but still effective!  The scent is not a really sickly honey fragrance, it’s more floral, but you can definitely tell there is a honey base to it.  My skin felt really nourished and clean after use.

Shower Gel: (£4) the bargain of the collection!  This shower gel smells exactly the same as the scrub, just lovely!  It’s a huge size for such a tiny price, 250ml, so it will last me a long time.  Use with a bath poofe / lilly (what on earth is the technical name for those?!) and you get a mega lather, which for some reason makes me feel super clean!  I would imagine the scent of this alone would wear off pretty quickly, as its intense when your using it, but pretty subtle after a pat dry, I can’t recommend using all the products layered up highly enough though . . .

Perfume: (£8.50) it’s a little bottle but does pack a punch!  It’s an absolutely perfect little summer scent, really useful for daytime, the office etc and to compliment and finish your use of the other products.  It’s a floral summery honey scent, again quite subtle after a little wear so you will need to reapply, helpfully the bottle is small enough to go on your travels with.  I notice some reviewers are disappointed with the lack of honey fragrance from this scent and indeed the whole range.  I ordered blind, loving honey and I’m genuinely not disappointed.  I do find I get the honey top notes, but the whole range is pretty floral.

Body Butter: (£13) I’ve never used a full sized body butter from the Body Shop before, I know you are either a lover or a hater.  Until I was pregnant Ive never been very keen on slathering on a body moisturiser, and now I’m hooked!  Lots of pregnant ladies use the Body Shop butters as their anti-stretch mark creams, now I see why!  This one is super moisturising, it seems to last through a day, or a night of tossing and turning in an overly hot bedroom.  The scent is really complimentary to the rest of the range and supports the layering of the fragrance to make it last all day.  I’m a total convert.  The only thing I’d say here is that at full price this one is pretty expensive for a body butter (my big tub of champneys stuff is usually £10).  Having said that I ordered this little collection and a few other bits when there was a cracking offer online – something like 25% off and a free gift.  There is usually an offer code online, so never pay full price!

Loves – a really lovely range, beautifully fragranced and complimentary

Not so Loves – if you are expecting a massive hit of sweet honey you will be disappointed.  It’s more subtle and floral, which I really like and I’m a honey monster!

Overall – a really nice change for me.  A range I will use over the summer until it runs out, and then I think I will try a different range from the Body Shop – I’m that impressed by the lovely quality and fragrance of the products.  Whoooop!

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