What am I most looking forward to post pregnancy?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  I can’t wait to meet my little one, bring them home from hospital all snuggly and happy!  I can’t wait to just put them in their Moses basket, and for my hubby and I to just gaze in wonder and this little person we have created, thinking through everything amazing that is to come.

I’m also looking forward to some other things!  Top ten?!

Oh dear!  Number one on the list!  My blowout alcoholic beverages!
Oh dear! Number one on the list! My blowout alcoholic beverages!
  • First up I have no problem with alcohol but (!) I have been teetotal now since December 2014.  I really really would like a small glass of really good champagne or an exquisite merlot!  The only thing I’ve really craved throughout my pregnancy is a pint of cider!  I know?  Embarrassing!  I’m going to breast feed, so I need to work this one out somehow, but I will fit in a glass of bubbly somewhere! In anticipation I may have bought some rather expensive champagne and a merlot!
  • The end of restless legs?  I’ve never had this before pregnancy, but come 6am my ankles feel like they need a good clicking, my legs just generally feel huge, heavy and uncomfortable.  I’m constantly repositioning to try to shake this awful feeling.  Hopefully the end is in sight for this one!
  • Wearing something other than enormous pregnancy leggings?  Trust me they are super comfortable, but my fashion sense died five months ago when I first put them on!  I’d like to wear jeans or anything again really!
  • The knicker lasso!  If you’ve ever been pregnant I don’t need to explain!  But basically its when bending over is nigh on impossible, so wiggling yourself into pants just doesn’t happen anymore!  I literally have to lasso a foot to get knickers on right now!  Same with socks, I need help to put socks on!
  • On a similar theme, wearing underwear that’s vaguely attractive again would be nice.  Granny pants are all very practical but, some shape, form, lace, frill or something would be a delight!
  • Blue cheese – a big fat steak with blue cheese, Mmmm!
  • Not making a monumental effort to roll over in bed! Like almost having to plan to turn over!
  • I know this one will be replaced by anxiety about hundreds of other things, but, not worrying about every little twinge, counting movement, worrying about too few kicks, too many kicks.  It’s not fun.
  • As much as I love laying on the sofa all day, demanding to be fed like a rookie Jabba the Hut, I’d really like to get on my treadmill again, maybe even venture outside wearing Lycra?  Argh!!
  • Getting Christmas cards and birthday cards that say to Mummy!  I’ll probably burst into tears if I think about that one too much, enough said?!

It’s probably worth saying that, I could write a list hundreds of bullet points long about the things I just can’t wait for in having this much longed for baby!

5 thoughts on “What am I most looking forward to post pregnancy?

  1. Ah I loved this post! I was pregnant over christmas with my last baby so the hardest was not being able to have the traditional starters like pate, I love me some pate! I can also remember feeling I had completely lost my sense of style. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy x


    1. I know I feel like I have a drinking problem for even writing it! I’ll probably not want any when the time comes! But it would be nice just to have the option! Thanks for commenting and reading!


  2. This is a great post. I haven’t had a baby nor been pregnant but i can imagine most are these are the type of things i’d want post pregnancy, especially wearing something other than leggings as i love my fashion. It’s going to be so cute receiving birthday/christmas cards that say ‘to mummy’! I can’t wait for that to happen to me! xx

    Courtney | http://courtzmelv.com


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