Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks – Review

Shimmer Bricks
Shimmer Bricks
Shimmer Bricks blush perfection!
Shimmer Bricks blush perfection!

I love Bobbi Brown, there is something about the sleek black packaging, the makeup lessons rather than trials in store, the high-end price tags, that make purchasing seem rather special.  I purchased my first shimmer brick in 2013 ahead of my wedding.  I went for a bridal tutorial lesson, not with the intention of doing my own makeup on my big day, but of getting some new products and hints and tips for all the events prior to my actual wedding, and while on honeymoon.

I now own the Shimmer Brick in Rose and Bronze (both retail at £32.50).  The rose is one of Bobbi’s best sellers, and it’s not hard to see why.  It’s very English Rose, bridal, everyday.  It gives you a light, but buildable rosy glow with a hint of shimmer.  It’s utterly perfect for the winter or just for a more natural look.  With all the Shimmer Bricks, they are made up of five different colours you sweep your blush or contouring brush through to build a unique colour to suit your own tones.  You can also use the colours separately, possibly as eyeshadows, which make them great for taking on your travels.

The Bronze is a newer purchase for me.  It’s my current go to bronzer, it’s super subtle, no crazy tan lines here!  It has an absolutely lovely subtle shimmer and I think this one is utterly amazing for using individual colours for eyeshadows as well.  If you are using this one as a bronzer, it works best applied on top of the cheekbones to give you a bit more definition as well as an all in one bronzer and highlighter.

I think both of my shimmer bricks are perfect for thirty something skin.  I’ve seen some slightly older ladies suggesting the shimmer is just too much for more mature complexions.  I can kind of see why, but don’t forget the eyeshadow use here as well.  If you do use them as blush or bronzer I find the colours are buildable with my Illamasqua contouring brush, I don’t get a huge hit of scary colour, I get something much more subtle.  Again some reviewers I’ve seen suggest you have to be very careful with product buildup, here I’d suggest pick your tools carefully, use with a good quality contouring brush for your cheeks and you won’t end up looking like Aunt Sally!

Loves – beautiful, buildable, subtle colour

Not so Loves – at £32.50 the bricks are an investment, when handing over the plastic remember to think of it like buying five eyeshadows at that price!

Overall – I’m hooked, and I may have my eye on the Pink Quartz version!

6 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks – Review

  1. I have the shimmer brick in Bronze and find it a very versatile product 🙂 Might have to get the Rose one next since it looks so gorgeous!! Not a fan of the price tag though 😀


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