Natalia – Labour and Birth Box – Review

A pain free labour?!
A pain-free labour?!

Hopefully I’m still a few weeks away (ish) from giving birth!  Having attended an NCT course recently, my thoughts have turned to what I actually want my labour to be like, pain relief, atmosphere, medical interventions etc etc.  I’m by no means an earth mother, planning on giving birth in a cave with no intervention for a truly spiritual experience.  Rather, I’d like to be in a place where if things go wrong my little one can be helped by experts straight away.

Having said that I’m petrified of hospitals!  I hate injections and I usually pass out when having blood taken!  So I’m going in with an open mind, but I’m clear I don’t want a whole heap of medical interventions.  I am open to gas and air, a tens machine, and that’s about it! With that in mind I’ve decided to try to make my labour room as homely and as pleasant as possible.

Being a huge essential oil fan I’ve armed myself with Natalia’s Birth and Labour box (about £30 and available online and in Holland and Barrett).

What’s in the box:

*Labour Massage Oil 60ml -A relaxing blend to help with pain relief – communicates love and support in the early stages of labour; supportive and relaxing.

*Labour Bath Ease 100ml (contains calming lavender floral water, blended with essential oils of lavender and clary sage). For use in deep warm baths during labour, or for soothing massage or inhalation; relaxing, soothing and analgesic

* Labour Instant Re-Energiser 10ml – A must for every labour bag a handy pulse pointer to roll and inhale deeply to recharge batteries when you are flagging; stimulating – mentally and physically.

* Natalia Step by Step Guide to Massage in Pregnancy & Labour – for my Hubby to familiarise himself with!

All lovingly presented in a gift box with an organic cotton flannel (which I’ve already popped into my hospital bag)

Until I give birth I can’t exactly promise you this kit will give you the labour of your dreams!  I can tell you the products smell seriously good!  I like the idea of getting through the first stage of labour, at home, with a really nice long soak in the bath for relaxation.  I’ll be practicing Mindfulness while inhaling the Natalia bath ease.  I love lavender so this is perfect for me!

Once in hospital I’m going to use the other two products.  Our NCT course has already taught Hubby a few massage moves, but I’ve subtly placed the included booklet by his side of the bed!  I may get him to do a trial run with the oil tonight . . . Practice here is essential you see!

I love the idea of the energiser roller.  Anything minty helps my when I feel nauseous, and also helps me when I’m feeling tired, cross, headachey and generally p****** off!

Ive got high hopes for this kit!  Wish me luck!xx

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