Look Fantastic – July’s Beauty Box Review

July's Beauty Box!
July’s Beauty Box!

If you read my review of June’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box (you can find it here), you will know I wasn’t terribly impressed with a box that purported to be worth £53!  I decided to give it another go and ordered the July box.  Again £15 for a box that this time has a £50 value.  Well hmmm again!  But to be honest I think this one is actually slightly better than the last one!  I suspect the cost of the packaging is being included in the lofty ‘actually worth this much’ price tag.  It’s a lovely box, but it ends up in the recycling bin in my household.

Anyhow!  This is what I got this month:

  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse – it’s a super tiny, but oh so cute bottle of this cult oil.  You can use it on your face, body and hair.  It really does smell divine, apparently it’s their signature scent.  It’s packed full of lovely things like macadamia, hazelnut, borage, almond and camellia.  I’ve tested it on a dry patch of skin at the top of my arms, and can report it seems to do the job.  I really like using oils on my hair, I usually slather them very liberally on the night before I wash my hair, to give the old locks a jolly good condition.  This bottle would probably last me one treatment if I did this, so I might use it to tame the frizz instead.  Happy with this one!
  • Balance Me Pure Skin Facial Wash – I’m really surprised this has got nothing nasty in at all as it smells quite chemically to me.  It’s meant to be a purifying wash, so maybe that’s the issue.  It’s a wash off cleanser, designed to banish spots and shine.  I used it this morning in the shower and am currently sat writing this with no moisturiser on post use.  My skin does feel a little on the tight side, I would expect this from any wash.  I think if you’ve got young or very oily skin, or prefer a wash in the evenings to get rid of makeup you would probably like this.  I may save it for holidays.  It’s a generous sample size.
  • Lord and Berry Nude Ultimate Lip Colour Pencil – I must have lived under a rock because I’d never heard of this brand before I received this little pencil.  It is a generous sample size again.  The colour is very similar to the nude lip pencil I have from Illamasqua.  The full size of this lip liner is retailed at £9 in Selfridges, so I think this sample is a pretty good deal.  Colour wise it’s on the tawny, brown, slightly dark pink side of a nude pencil.  It’s wearable though for us pink lipstick lovers!
  • Trilogy Balm – this is my favourite product in the box!  It’s yet another multi-tasking balm, there must be thousands out there now!  This one smells super natural, it’s free from anything nasty at all and has a million uses including the ability to act as a nappy cream.  I’m saving this one for my baby change bag, I think it will be an invaluable addition.  Good sized sample, very happy!
  • Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo – I used this this morning before my hair mask.  I’m having my hair coloured in a few days so thought this would be perfect to prep my hair for the colour and get rid of product build up.  It says you should only use once a fortnight or monthly, but does say that it’s gentle as it uses mild ingredients.  I usually keep very clear of clarifying shampoos as my hair is dry, but if that’s your thing you’ll probably like this one!  Yep it is clarifying, so expect it to do just that!
  • Monu Firming Fiji Facial Oil – not sure about two oils in the same box.  This one, again has lots off lovely ingredients, Bois de Rose and Patchouli.  It does smell really lovely, and it is very moisturinsing. I would only use this type of product at night, but to make me leave my lovely Superskin Oil from Liz Earle, it would have to have transformed me overnight into a 50s Hollywood Screen Siren!  It didn’t, so I’ll take it on my travels as it is a neat little bottle.

Loves – this month a good mix of products (apart from the two oils) and new brands for me to try

Not so Loves – again £50?  Really?!  I think this was better value than June’s box and there are a couple of products I really liked, but it’s not worth £50.  It’s not bad for £15.

Overall – I’m in a real quandary over whether to invest another £15 for August.  I like the element of surprise with Look Fantastic, and I’m a convert to trying new things, but if I do opt for another box, I have to think I’ll have spent more than it costs for a tub of Glam Glow – and I’d really like one of those!

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