The Love Hate Tag!

Love Hate Tag
Love Hate Tag

Morningtons! So the beautiful Claire Elsley ( nominated me to do this tag and of course I accepted the challenge!


List ten things you love and ten things you hate. Nominate ten people to do the same.


  1. My wonderful husband.  I couldn’t live without him (literally! It’s scary how much you can rely, love and  adore one person)
  2. My lovely dogs, and dogs generally!  I love pooches!  They are a girls best friends . . .
  3. Diamonds, they are really a girls best friend aren’t they?
  4. Inspirational people who have the courage to stand up for what they believe in, no matter the consequences.  Rosa Parks ‘All I was doing was trying to get home from work’
  5. That particular smell Just after it rained on freshly mown grass . . .  Lovely!
  6. Having the opportunity of an education.  Just think of this world of blogs, books and reading was shut to you.  Just imagine for a second.  So many girls in this world are denied an education, never learn to read or write.  It’s frightening to think of my life without an education.
  7. Appreciating what you have – trust me I’d love to win the lottery and buy lots and lots of Prada bags, but the reality is, my Husband and I have worked pretty darn hard for everything we’ve got, including the simple things and the things that come easy to other people, like having a baby on the way.  I love just stopping for a second to think, my goodness we are lucky, we have an awful lot going for us, we have a good life.  Appreciate what you have.
  8. Snuggly duvet days, or afternoon snoozes!
  9. Travel – especially a spot of sightseeing with my favourite person in the world!
  10. Little packages in the post!  10/10 times I’ve ordered it myself and know what it is, but I love it when something I’ve ordered finally arrives!


  1. Bullying – in any guise, from some evil kid making your life hell at school, to some sh1te at work who wields power like an axe
  2. Vegetables – don’t laugh!  I really hate all veg in any form with the exception of the humble potato and a well roasted, honey glazed parsnip!  The thought of a salad for lunch makes me very green!
  3. Rude people!  My current pet hate, little old ladies that shove you to get by in the Waitrose queue and then push in!  I’ve even witnessed a little old lady lob a loaf of bread across the store onto the checkout conveyor belt to get in front of someone!  Singly the most spectacular throw I’ve ever seen, but also like blimey, where else do you have to be that you are in that much of a hurry?!
  4. Those rubbish quiz shows that are on around the National Lottery Draws – yawn!
  5. Deliberately argumentative people – you know who you are!
  6. Irresponsibility with public sector funding – just because it’s in your budget for this financial year doesn’t mean you need to spend every single penny on spurious projects run by spurious expensive consultants.  Why not share the money with underfunded services? Or give some back and admit you have too much money?
  7. Body shaming, or generally anytime anyone feels it’s ok to comment on someone else publicly, to be nothing but hurtful
  8. Thunder Bugs! Those little black tiny bugs that descend on rural areas of the UK during harvest time!  They are currently in my hair! Argh!!
  9. Wasted opportunities and wasted lives – those poor people who die young, having achieved very little thanks to drink or drugs.
  10. Sorry guys, but the builders that dig up the path outside my house, currently at least twice a week to install a well know brand of fibre optic broadband.  There is something wrong with your project plan or your project manager if you have to dig up the same bit of path four times!!

I nominate

Beauty by Maeva Tarelli


J.T. Carlton

Glamour and Gloss


Mad Cherry

The Peony Avenue

Chic Affairs

Marta Frant

Ravishing Roses

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