Birchbox July’s Birch’bag’ Review!

Birchbox July's BirchBag!
Birchbox July’s BirchBag!

Hello Lovelies!

So as you know I’m a recent newcomer to the world of subscription beauty boxes (my first ever experiment with Look Fantastic, I blogged about here).  I am very skeptical about these beauty boxes, more than anything in terms of their actual purported value.  I may be wrong but I don’t believe Birchbox slaps a ‘it’s actually worth £xxx’ figure on their monthly offerings, so that’s a bit of a plus for me!  They cost £10 and then an additional £2.95 for postage and packaging.  So they are on the cheaper end of the current market scale, but not by much!

Anyhow here is what I go and what I thought of each product* (* I don’t blog about monthly subscription boxes until you’ve had chance to get yours, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, I also don’t just do a product list – boring! I wait until I’ve used the products, so if you are unsure about purchasing, you get an idea of the quality, quantity and whether it’s worth it or not!  I hope this is ok?)

  • First up it’s not a box it’s a bag this month.  You will get one of four different coloured see through, plastic bags.  I got the Hydra one, which is green.  It’s ok for holidays / airports I guess.  It’s nothing special!  There is a cute little pocket inside you could shove some Euros if you are taking it by the pool with you).
  • Balance Me congested skin serum.  Quite a generous little sample of this stuff, it’s for breakouts and its a treatment.  Confession time, I don’t have any spots at the moment, so I have nothing to try this on properly!  I Popped it on my nose to try it!  It’s a white lotion that smells really lovely!  I can’t imagine if you get the red angry spots that I used to get when I was younger, then this would be great.  I’ll keep it in stock as a just in case.
  • Unani Aloe Vera Gel – a great sample size, perfect for holidays, of this clear, fragrance free aloe vera gel.  It’s typical of aloe based products, in that you do get quite a sticky residue left on your skin after application.  I am sure this would be great for a holiday body moisturiser and of course for soothing sunburn.  As an aside every household should have an aloe vera plant, they are super easy to grow and can be used on kitchen burns and scolds directly.  Why buy a gel, when you can use the actual stuff you have grown on yourself?!
  • Pop Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Peach Parfait – probably up there with the best thing I’ve ever got from a box.  Three totally wearable, useful summer shades.  You can use all three for a summer take on a peachy fresh smoky eye.  It’s a generous little sample, chuffed!!
  • Benefit Dream Screen – a teeny tiny sample that may last you a weekend away somewhere in the sunshine.  I usually take Bobbi Brown’s version of facial sunscreen away with me on holidays.  This is SPF 45 (BB’s is SPF 50).  It’s much more matte than the Bobbi version, which is great for my skin.
  • Parlor Moisturising Sea Salt Spray – smells really lovely.  I’m not a huge fan of sea salt sprays.  If I leave my hair to dry naturally I’m a frizzy ball of mess!  I’ve given this a go, it didn’t help dramatically with the frizz fest, i don’t think it’s supposed to, to be fair.  It’s a meh from me on this!
  • Pura Vida Lace Headband – a few expletives here!  I obviously have a giant head, I could just about get this round, but I think it could easily cut off all circulation and leave me with a massive migraine if I left it strapped to my head!  I’ll use it for pony tails, maybe!

Loves – the eyeshadow set was a really nice bonus

Not so Loves – the headband made for three-year olds

Overall – good for a summer holiday, as it’s designed for!

Summery eyes with the POP trio
Summery eyes with the POP trio

2 thoughts on “Birchbox July’s Birch’bag’ Review!

    1. Hey hey! Generally no, I’ve never been impressed with value for money, nor do I think the products are ever aimed at complete the right age bracket (I understand you can’t please everyone all the time but tattoos and hair bands aren’t my thing really!). To be honest I generally cancel my subscriptions after I receive the box! I’ve got two new ones on order this month from You Beauty (you choose two of your products) and Latest in Beauty where you can actually see what you are buying before you try. The big brands I’ve generally cancelled my subscriptions to! They are all abit meh! I get seriously cross about the purported value of these boxes, generally there is nothing in them you couldn’t blag by going into the store, smiling and asking for for free!
      I’ll let you know how my new finds turn out!
      Thanks for stopping by and asking my opinion! Xx


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