Liz Earle Superskin for Eyes – Review

Super dooper eye treatment!
Super dooper eye treatment!

Liz Earle Superskin Treatment for Lips and Eyes is my ultimate eye cream! It retails for £27.50.  I’ve blogged about this product very briefly in conjunction with a post on my daily skin care regime, but I felt this little saviour deserves its own post.

Ive used Superskin (both the eye treatment and the face cream) for almost three years now.  I opted for this more high-end range of products from Liz Earle, even though they are aimed at more mature skin than my thirty something skin, mainly for the level of nurturing botanical ingredients and just how jolly good they are!

I can only talk about the eye and lip treatment from the perspective of using it as an eye cream (I’ve never used it on my lips and don’t think I could justify the price tag for a lip balm!).  This tiny miracle is fragrance free, and is packed with lots of natural goodies to add moisture to the delicate eye area.  I’ve been really conscious about how ageing the ‘laughter lines’ around my eyes are since really early on – as in, in my teens.  I’ve used decent eye creams for years (again since my teens) and have tried some really high-end brands (at university I lived in Talika surgery recovery eye patches – why?!).  This is one area of beauty where I genuinely think I know my stuff!

I use one pump around both eyes morning and night.  I generally find the little pump lasts about three to four months with continuous use (pretty good value wise).  The only thing is you have to go by weight to know when to repurchase – so I tend to have a one in use and a spare hanging around – this is how much I love this eye cream.  I won’t contemplate running out!

This product is fantastic on fine lines or heaven forbid, flaky dry patches around your eyes, it does very little for puffy eyes or dark circles.  So it really is aimed at more mature skin.  I don’t really suffer from dark circles too much (ah ha wait till the baby comes I hear you say!), I’m much more concerned with lines and crows feet.

I do have relatively sensitive skin around my eyes, and get none of that horrible burning sensation with this product, or indeed anything from Liz Earle.  It goes on non greasy – not like a really thick eye cream.  I find you can apply eye makeup straight away, no need to let it ‘sink in’ or for your makeup to sit on top of the cream, and gradually slide off on application!  It just seems to work!

If you’re an eye cream junky, or a thirty something starting to worry about fine lines, invest in this treatment – you genuinely won’t regret it, you may even get hooked!

Loves – it does its job effectively, and is a pleasure to use

Not so Loves – if your hooked like me, you can’t tell when the bottle is nearing empty, so you will need to keep a spare handy

Overall – it feels expensive to part with almost £30 for such a tiny bottle, but it lasts for ages, works really well and keeps you young!

6 thoughts on “Liz Earle Superskin for Eyes – Review

      1. lol oh yes I am 😭 and proud. The truth is that I was dealt a heavy blow back in 2000 when I was diagnosed with Guillan Barre a rare virus that affects your neurological system and later with fibromyalgia had to fight for my life and looked older back then. Grateful for God’s grace to carry me through and for redeeming the years. Today I am virtually symptom free but more importantly stronger spiritually, mentally and physically. Thanks for the compliment 😘💞


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