Getting A Little Crafty!

So I’m not in the slightest bit crafty!  I’d love to be arty and talented, and know how to knit and all that lovely stuff, but I simply haven’t got the patience!  I think all that may have changed recently!  Since I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy, meet new people and learn new things.  We’ve also recently moved, so we are new to the area, and new to creating a local social network.  I’ve just finished a ceramics course (post coming soon), which gave me the courage to have a go at some other things!  While randomly searching for new things, I came across

Claire is an incredibly talented crafter, she has an Etsy shop with loads of beautiful things that I need to buy! Her website is a haven for crafty types looking for new projects, and luckily for me she also runs Cambridge Craft Parties (  After a tiny bit of procrastination, I booked for Claire’s Summer Floral Crown Party on Tuesday just gone.  I booked thinking, well, this will get me out of the house, mean I get to meet some new people, and local bloggers, and learn something totally new!

I joined Claire on Tuesday evening at Rhode Island ( in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge.  I was a little nervous arriving and knowing absolutely nobody, and of course being a little useless at crafting!  As soon as I spotted Claire, she met me with a huge smile, instantly knew who I was and welcomed me like we’d know each other forever!  Claire instantly put me at ease, introduced me to lots of other lovely attendees and recommended a Rhode Island milkshake! If you live anywhere near Cambridge you need to try a Rose Milkshake at Rhode Island!

We had a brilliant evening learning how to make floral crowns!  Claire is a brilliant teacher, she has the skills and the knowledge to make you feel comfortable and have a go yourself (without gluing your fingers together!), but also Claire really encourages your creativity.  Whatever you want to do, whatever colours you want to use, whatever design you have in your mind, well that’s ok!

I made this sunflower themed crown!  Yep even butter fingers, half asleep me, can make something that looks pretty darn good!

Sunflower Power!
Sunflower Power!

The evening was just so lovely and I met some absolutely gorgeous blogging gals, I hope to see again at other events.  Ooo and Claire also gave us these absolutely lovely gift bags!

Super cute gift bag!
Super cute gift bag!

The only downside is that I’ve come to Cambridge Craft Parties late and I’ve missed a summer of making things like chocolate candles and little jewellery dishes.  I will attempt a little crafty project following Claire’s website guidance, and of course post baby, I’ll be booking myself onto some more Craft Parties.  If you are anywhere near Cambridge, get yourself to a party, and if not, why not have a go at doing something totally different, have a look at Claire’s website for some inspiration.


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