Shameless Self Promotion – Moi?!

Look at this cutie!

Could have been made for me!
Could have been made for me!
A treat from Posh Totty!
A treat from Posh Totty!

While I was indulging in my passion for reading every beauty blog out there, I read a post from the beautiful (ridiculously beautiful, ethereal blogger) about an event she attended in Brighton hosted by Posh Totty (  Her stunning photography and her focus on the cute knitted pom pom style lights, made we want, indeed need, to do a spot of Internet shopping!

Sigh, they have so many lovely things on their website!  So so many things I really need!  I spied their personalised jewellery collection and just had to have something! I opted for this beauty!  It’s a personalised silver bar necklace.  I’ve been hankering after something similar for a little while, but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted from the UK, and I refuse to pay $20 for shipping generally!

Anyhow this lovely is sterling silver, there are also gold options.  I also opted for a slightly longer chain length as I’m a little bit obsessed with not strangling myself on a choker type arrangement!  It took about a week to be made and to arrive, which is pretty darn good for a handmade, personalised item of jewellery.  I wore it for the first time around family, who all squealed with delight, asking where it was from and telling me it was super glamorous – well obvs!

These little bar style necklaces start at £59 for the silver (in my humble opinion the best option!).  You can customise the size on request, and change the chain length as I did.

I’m so impressed, I will be ordering something else to mark the birth of my baby soon.  If you’re getting married soon, graduating, celebrating a special birthday, that kind of thing Posh Totty creations are a lovely way of marking the event.  For now I’m pretty happy to shamelessly plug while out and about!

So glam!
So glam!

4 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion – Moi?!

  1. Love your post Natasha! Thank you so much for the mention as well 😀 I love that you chose to have your blog name on your necklace I definitely want to get a similar one! xx


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