July’s Glossybox and my endless search for a good monthly beauty box subscription!

Oooo la la
Oooo la la
More meh?!
More meh?!

I can almost hear myself sigh with exasperation at the thought of beauty box subscriptions now!  I feel like I’ve tried a few and am still yet to find one that I’d actually want to subscribe to long-term.  My ‘value for money’ standards are extremely high, and I’m skeptical about anything that purports to be worth much more than its sold for!  So maybe I feel a little hard done by with what I’ve tried so far!  In my never-ending quest I turned to Glossybox.  If you start a subscription late in the month (about a week or so in) you can usually get the current box and a free gift (hurrah!).  You can also always cancel a subscription at any time, essential for undecided me!

So I stumbled across Glossybox’s offer of get July’s box and a previous box included for free (monthly subscription cost is £15).  The two boxes have a combined value of (cough cough) £82!  So first up July’s box!

This is the French edition, if you read beauty blogs regularly, the chances are you have already read a review of this, so I’ll keep it short and sweet!  The box is very pretty and the little plastic wallet (travel pouch) included is also pretty cute.  Good for airport travel.  Inside I got:

  • Noxidoxi serum – quite a nice little hydrating serum sample.  If you’ve got sensitive skin this would be a good one as its got anti-inflammatory properties.  Its pretty watery on application and seems to be quite highly fragranced, but my skin felt absolutely lovely with it on.
  • Lollipops Lip Balm – a full size clear gloss style balm, it smells pleasant and looks pretty, a good handbag staple!
  • Teoxanne Skin Refiner – this is pretty potent so you use it every other night.  It’s got 10% glycolic acid, so it’s like an at home, over time peel.  Full size it’s crazy expensive, so I think this is the star product of the box.  It’s definitely high end and aimed more at us thirty somethings.  When I applied it at night I got none of the tingling I was prepared for, so that was a bonus!
  • Yves Rocher perfume sample – I really dislike perfume samples, unless they are Cartier obvs!  But this is a real disappointment, this brand is a French high street brand, nothing special and to be honest this sample smells like old ladies!

Then in my free box!  Hurray!  I got ‘The Festival Edit’ which I believe was June’s box.  Before I start, take a deep breath with me, and keep thinking at least this was free!

  • Halo facial wipes – yep useful if your going to a festival or you have children I guess!  But let’s be honest these are pretty cheap!
  • Kueshi Cellulite Cream – this is a full size.  I’ve never heard of this brand and why on earth you would take this cream to a festival I have no idea!  It smells ok, the packaging looks cheap, I’ve rubbed it on the backs of my legs and I probably will use it up, but meh!
  • Essence Lipgloss – another full size, but a seriously cheap one!  It smells like strawberries, and it’s super glossy.  It’s a cheap lipgloss, useful if you’ve got a teenager I guess!
  • Monu Spa Facial Mist – I do like this!  It’s a really nicely scented facial mist.  I use facial mists quite a bit, mainly on naked skin rather than as a make up setting spray.  This one has multiple uses which I really like.  Mainly it’s the scent I love, lemon and rosewood.  This would be great for your handbag for a little freshen up throughout the day.  This is my favourite product in this box!
  • I’ve saved the best for last!  Flash Tattoos!  Best John McEnroe impression now girls – YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS?!  Who in their right mind would put these anywhere near their body?!  And to try and tell me a cheap, tiny sheet of stickers is worth £6.50, just come on!!  This is what I totally don’t get!  Who on earth is your target market?  One box has a resurfacing, high-end, acid based product, clearly aimed at us over thirties, the previous box has some stickers and a sparkly cheap lip gloss in it?!

Deep breath!  It was free!  It was free!  I’ve talked to another blogger on Twitter about the festival box and she told me she almost cancelled her subscription because of the contents.  I absolutely would have cancelled my subscription if I’d paid £15 for some stickers!

Loves – Glossybox has by far the best packaging!  And you get at least one full-sized product in each box.  In both boxes I found something I probably would have been happy to pay full price for . . .

Not so Loves – It’s this value for money thing again.  I really think it would be better to sell the boxes at £15 and tell people, yup they are worth £15 if we are honest, rather than come up with some spurious skyscraper value, that’s not exactly justifiable!

Overall – I like Glossy enough to keep my subscription going into August.  I’ll make a proper judgement call then.  Had my subscription started with the June box, this would have been a very different outcome!

Festival Edit!
Festival Edit!

11 thoughts on “July’s Glossybox and my endless search for a good monthly beauty box subscription!

    1. Ahhh thanks for reading and commenting. I’m obviously a commitment-phobe because I can’t sign up to any of these boxes for longer than about two months!! I have to say Glossy has the best packaging though! Roll on August right?! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Just got my glossy box, I got aprils box free! Can’t wait to try out the products 🙂 always find beauty boxes a little underwhelming though, however my favourites are latest in beauty, or the birchbox benefit bridal editions! Xx


      1. Yes I will be doing a post, should be up by the end of the week 🙂 I have so many beauty boxes with a majority of the products untouched! I’d definitely recommend latest in beauty though, I got a full size illmasqua lipstick once 🙂


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