Lush Haul! Including some ‘Kitchen’ products!

Lush Goodies!
Lush Goodies!

Can I get a toot toot!  Sorry I’ve got R Kelly going through my head since my fresh hot delivery from Lush!  I go through phases of obsessing over Lush, then having a little rest, then obsessively shopping there weekly!    After a short break, I had a little browse on the old Lush website, which always leads to a purchase, oops!  I’m justifying it through discovering something new though!  For the first time ever I’ve ordered two products from the Lush Kitchen.  The Kitchen products are limited availability, freshly made beauties.  They can be pretty much anything from masks to soap and everything in between.  They sell out super fast so you have to close your eyes and hit ‘pay now’ as fast as you can!  Want to see what I got?

Clever Lush Chefs!
Clever Lush Chefs!

I opted for,

Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel (250g for £8.75) Kitchen Product.

Strawberry scented shower gel.  I got this as it’s a limited edition kitchen product and I have a thing for strawberries at the moment!  I also thought it would go really well with the strawberry massage bar!  Oh my it’s darned amazing!  I smell sooooo good!  It leaves you smelling like a fresh strawberry and it’s super moisturising.  They need to make this a permanent product, as I have a nasty feeling my bottle is going to disappear super quick!

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar (big strawberry for £4.96)

This is a cute as a button slippery little strawberry shaped bar.  It’s actually a stonking great strawberry, nothing little about it!  It smells utterly divine!  I got my Hubby to practice labour massage using this and I now smell even better post strawberry shower gel shower!  It’s super moisturising, it’s a massage bar after all!  It’s like a bar of soap that melts on contact with your skin (top tip, in this hot weather keep it in a little bowl in the fridge, covered in cling film).  You can use the actual bar to massage your shoulders for quite a firm massage, or melt onto your hands for a traditional massage.  After use your skin smells lovely and is quite oily, so maybe use last thing at night.  I’ve also popped it on my legs post shave and have absolutely no irritation, just super moisturised legs.  I adore this product.

Glorious Mud Body Mask (100g for £5.21) Kitchen Product

I was unsure on this one, especially as it requires application on wet skin, then a 10-15 minute relax somewhere covered in this stuff.  But I thought, hey I can invest shower time and a 15 minute lay on a towel somewhere, in myself, surely? In the packaging this little block smells exactly like Root Beer!  And I LOVE Root Beer!  It’s made up of rhassoul mud, if you’ve ever been to an expensive spa this stuff is used in detox type treatments an awful lot.  So hmmm sadly this was so crumbly I ended up applying in the shower, standing there for a few minutes and washing off.   It makes your skin feel super squeaky clean and it’s perfect for prepping the skin for a hydrating body lotion or butter afterwards.  It is more of an exfoliator rather than a mask.

Brazenly Honey Fresh Face Mask (small tub £5.42)

I’ve wanted a new Lush face mask to try for a while as I’m addicted to my clay based Liz Earle masks.  I thought it would be great to try a fresh mask, something a little different from my safe Liz Earle.  This is an exfoliating honey based mask.  It’s got little grannuals in for the exfoliation part, not too harsh if you don’t rub too much when removing!  It smells divine on your skin, a combination of the typical Lush scent and a strong hit of fresh honey.  It’s a great little brightening mask that left my skin slightly pink (think glowing) and nicely refreshed.  It provided a great base for a night spent wearing a decent facial oil, so that in the morning my skin was well rested, clear and prepped for a week of wearing make up.  I really like this little wonder tub.  I think if you were careful you would get at least four applications out of a single tub.  You need to keep it in the fridge, which in the hot weather is great when applying at night.

Hot and fresh out the kitchen!
Hot and fresh out the kitchen!

* The prices I’ve quoted are plus VAT – sorry guys baby brain!!

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