New In! Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Range – Review!

New Kerastase!!
New Kerastase!!

I’m a sucker for anything new that will make my coloured, slightly dry hair, beam with moisture and health!  Therefore I naturally had to try the new Kérastase Resistance Therapiste range when it landed at Look Fantastic. The range promises to sort out thick, extremely damaged and over-processed hair.  ‘Its FIBRA-KAP™ formula is enriched with six amino acids to replenish protein and promote strong, healthy hair. E.N.’.  Good stuff huh?!

The three products I purchased are:

Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Bain – (£17.50) this shampoo is a really unique consistency.  I’ve not used anything similar before, it’s more like a jelly than a traditional shampoo.  It certainly wouldn’t leak from the tube if you accidentally left the lid off, put it that way!  It lathers exceptionally well, even on my hair where I applied an oil the night before.  I double washed out of habit more than anything, but I don’t think you would have to with this shampoo.  I normally hate it when reviewers say ‘oh you need such a tiny amount, a 10p piece amount is fine’, bla bla.  No you don’t, if you’ve got shoulder length hair you need to saturate your head in product to get any decent lather!  With this shampoo you genuinely don’t need loads of product, it works really well to gently cleanse, with lots of lather, while not using a great deal of product.

Resistance Therapiste Soin – £20.50 this conditioner is designed as a pre-shampoo treatment, but that’s just plain wrong for me!  I like a good old shampoo, then a luxurious condition afterwards, so that’s how I’ve used this product.  It’s lightweight as it’s designed for thick hair (my hair is thin) and it’s designed to leave a protective shield on your hair to protect from further damage.  It was a real pleasure to use, it didn’t leave my hair weighed down or with any sticky residue.  I’m hoping with continued use it will protect against any more heat, styling and colouring damage!  It didn’t really have much fragrance though.

Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Masque – £28.50 (Ive quoted is the full RRP throughout, there is usually a good offer on Look Fantastic and you can usually snap up a freebie with multiple purchases!).  This mask is a complete delight!  I love hair masks but this is a dream!  It’s very thick indeed, like the shampoo it certainly won’t leak if left upside down!  This and the shampoo have a very pleasant scent, this one is the best of both for fragrance.  It’s super luxurious!  I left it on my scalp and hair under a shower cap for a good 45 minutes before rinsing, and then adding in a final rinse with coldish water.  Post use my hair is definitely softer, and having left it to dry naturally, I actually don’t have any of the crazy frizz I usually have – an interesting and unexpected plus!  This mask would be perfect if you bleach or colour your hair regularly.

Loves – a really surprising range, made up of totally different formulas and textures than the usual stuff aimed at damaged hair.  The shampoo and mask smell divine (it’s the end of the day and my hair still smells like the hair mask – lovely!) and all three actually work!

Not so Loves – gosh if i paid full RRP I think I’d be slightly nuts!  I’m always on the hunt for an offer or a bargain, so I got all three with 15% off and a free gift.  I think these products are good enough to justify the price, but they are super expensive!  I wish the conditioner packed a bit more of a fragrance punch!

Overall – don’t be put off by the thick hair recommendation.  I have thin hair and these products were great for me.  I’ll use them up and keep my eyes open for another good deal when I come to repurchase!  Very happy with the results!

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