New In! Boots No.7 Dramatic Lift Mascara

Dramatic Number 7 Mascara?
Dramatic Number 7 Mascara?

I snapped one of these up in Boots when they were on offer at £10 (full RRP is £13.50).  After soldiering on with a dreadful Loreal False Lash Architect for some time for a similar price (it was clumpy, and had no stopper in the bottle, so the brush was consistently coated with mascara goo), I’d been on the hunt for a new everyday, price-justifiable, mascara!  I’d seen this one advertised on the Boots website, and I had avoided other reviews so gave it a go myself without any recommendations!

First up the brush is quite unique in that it’s curved so you can get right into the root to help define a natural curve.  The brush handle is also quite a nice shape to fit between your fingers and get a good amount of product application.   I purchased in black, and I’d say it is a true quite intense black.  I used with my usual Liz Earle mascara base, and it certainly covered all the white product quickly and efficiently!

The formular contains ‘flexible polymers and Keratin to help boost lash from root to tip’.  I found that rather than doing much boosting, the consistency meant that my lashes were well covered with product, but that I got none of that rock hard clumpy look you usually get with multiple applications of whatever your using.  I really liked that, after two coats, my lashes were still flexible!  I’ve now seen that lots of people find the curved brush gives them a wide awake look, I’m not convinced as I usually use eyelash curlers anyhow!  I did find that you could use the outer curve of the brush to give your lower lashes a little coating, (which was a bonus) without transferring any product to your face as with a standard straight brush.

Loves – true black colour, easy to apply, great shaped brush, and after two coats my lashes were still flexible

Not so Loves – no intense, evening look here!  I don’t think it would matter how many coats you applied, the flexibility element wouldn’t let you build up your look into anything particularly dramatic.

Overall – even at full price this is a great little day time mascara, a definite keeper!

Wide awake eyes?!
Wide awake eyes?!

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