Super pretty eyes with Bobbi Brown!

The prettiest Bobbi Brown eyeshadow ever?!
The prettiest Bobbi Brown eyeshadow ever?!

After yet another Bobbi Brown splurge (shhhh!) I have a great product to share with you!  I got a cute as a button sample of Bobbi’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Pink with my latest order.  I’ve been looking around at these stick shadows for quite a while.  I’ve added things like this to my Charlotte Tilbury online basket hundreds of times, but never clicked ‘pay’!  It was a real bonus to get one of these to try from Bobbi Brown.  Initially, probably like you, I thought ‘eeeewwww pink on my eyes, not sure about this!’, but the colour is just super pretty, supper summery and super subtle!  It is definitely shimmery, but I like that for tanned summer wear.

These sticks have been around for a while and promise to stay put for a good eight hours.  I quite like a cream based eyeshadow on a hot day, something about them just seems to be longer lasting, with no crease creep!  This one I applied during the heat wave, and off I trotted to the hairdresser, boiling hot, sweating etc etc and it did indeed stay put!  The sticks are super simple to apply, you don’t really even need to blend that much as you can target exactly where you want the colour to pop.  I blended mine a little with my trusty Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush (another naughty purchase!).

I was so thrilled to get this little sample, it’s actually not so little and will probably last me a good while!  I will definitely be purchasing some full-sized options (obviously when there is a good freebie offer on, come on girls, gotta get me a freebie!).  I’ve got my sparkly eyes on Goldstone, 24 Karat and Golden Bronze.

The full sizes retail at £21 and can be used as an excellent base or primer for powder shadows for a more intense, long-lasting look.

Loves – blown away by the super pretty colour.  Lasted all day, even under the hottest most humid conditions.

Not so Loves – goes on and stays on so be quick with your blending!

Overall – I will be purchasing some other colours so stay tuned for a future review!

Super pretty, summer eyes! Sorry about the hair!
Super pretty, summer eyes! Sorry about the hair!

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