My hopes for my unborn baby (warning may be a tear jerker!)

I am still a weekish away from my due date, blimey!  I’ve spent a lot of my adult life thinking about having children and my hopes and dreams for the kinds of people they would be, what they would do and achieve and the kind of relationship I would want with them.  As the due date approaches (argh!) I thought I would try to crystallise some of these thoughts and share them with you.  I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on your own children, or future children!

I want you to be healthy.  The chances are horrible, horrible diseases like cancer will affect us as a family at some point in our lives, but I want you to be born healthy.  I want you to value you your health as you go through life, that doesn’t mean not taking risks (sporting injuries etc!) but I want you to enjoy being healthy and investing in your health.  Your Father would like you to be an Olympic sailor, so you’ll need to be fit and healthy for that!  I hope that you understand the importance of caring for yourself mentally and physically and that if things ever look bleak, you can talk to me and we can fix it together.

I hope you enjoy spending time with your Mum and Dad!  You’ll never really appreciate how much you were longed for and wanted, that’s ok, that’s natural!  I hope you think we are loving parents, who have your best interests at heart.  I know I’ll be a pushy mum, and your Dad might be a bit strict!  We want you to be everything you can be (it’s ok if you don’t make the Olympics!), see everything you want to see and experience everything you want to experience.  Yep I will pack you off on a school trips and I’ll miss you more than you can ever imagine when you go off to university, fly the nest, have a family of your own, but I hope you know you’ll always be our child, there is always a home for you with us, there is always an unquestioning love for you.

I hope you forgive us.  We will be very new at this!  We only have our own parents example to follow, or otherwise!  We will make mistakes, and I’m sure at times your Father and I will wish we had handled situations differently, but we will do whatever, with the absolute best intentions.

I hope you quite like us!  I hope you look up to us and think they’re really not so bad!  Neither of us will be Prime Minister, or win a gold medal, but we’ve not done too badly kid!  I hope you think we’ve done well for ourselves, we are relatively intelligent and we’ve made some good decisions.  I hope you like spending time with us, but also that you enjoy letting us meet your friends, your romantic dalliances (!), your future life partner, your own children.

I hope you enjoy life.  No matter where you come from or what you’ve got, at times life will be hard.  There will be disappointments, break ups, sadness, loss, maybe even some mistakes, but I hope your life goes as you want to live it.  I hope you live life to the full, do everything you want to do, enjoy as much of it as you can.  I hope you’ll look back and genuinely feel it’s a life well lived.

I hope you are a good person.  We all do things we are not proud of, treat people at some point, in a way we wouldn’t normally, with proper and full consideration.  I hope on the whole, you are a good person.  I hope you have many wonderful friendships, that people think you are kind, and a genuine person.  I hope people respect you and like you and want to be around you.

I hope you find love.  Your Father and I are lucky, we found each other and we just seem to work!  The thought of him not being with me seriously frightens me, I love every second I spend with him.  We’ve been able to support and love each other through some very difficult times.  I hope you can find something similar.  Not matter who with, if you have something akin to what we have, it’s right.  The support and love of another human being is one of the most important things in the world.  I hope you find it.

That’s it for now!  I’m sure I’ll add I hope you stop crying, and doing explosive poops to the list very soon! It’s so exciting being on not he cusp of realising one of your greatest hopes for your own life.

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