Friday Obsession – Liz Earle Hand Repair

Liz Earle Hand Treatment - literally repairs the most neglected of paws!
Liz Earle Hand Treatment – literally repairs the most neglected of paws!

I’m so rubbish when it comes to applying hand cream with any grain of regularity.  I’m one of those girls who has had a tube of Vaseline on my desk for hundreds of years, used once, slightly dry and crusty!  So putting my faith in Liz Earle (as always!) I parted with £21 a long time ago and invested in a tube of Hand Repair.

As with every lovely Liz Earle product this hand repair is a spa treatment in a jar.  It smells of spa, it acts like a spa treatment and its a little luxury I can’t live without (I take a little tube with me on holidays and trips away).  I love that it comes in a pump dispenser and a variety of sizes.  The pump deploys just the right amount of cream for a single treatment.  Lots of people and bloggers rave about this product’s healing power.  Over doing it with the old gardening, or horse riding, or just being subjected to a UK winter, all cured with this wonder cream!  After consistent use, this product repairs any damage you’ve caused yourself.

I did use this product religiously in the run up to my wedding.  Slathering it on at night and applying spa gloves to seal in the goodness.  Now I’m super lazy, and rarely remember to apply my Hand Repair!  I find I periodically look down and notice I’ve got dry hands, one application of this sorts any dry patches out straight away.  It’s seriously that good!  When I get scaly dry bits on the backs of my hands, one pump sorts it out!  No greasiness or residue, it just sinks in straight away.

Lots of people use this multiple times a day as a cream, which I’m sure works perfectly fine.  Personally I use it as a treatment, for when I’ve seriously neglected my hands or when I remember I really should use hand cream now I’m post thirty!

Loves – perfection in a hand treatment.  It revives even the most hardworking hands

Not so Loves – it’s expensive if used as a cream, it’s a bargain if used as a treatment!

Overall – I would never purchase anything else for my hands.  Enough said?!

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