Concealing all Sins?!

Three of the best?!  What do you think?
Three of the best?! What do you think?

Why don’t dogs get puffy under eye bags? Hmmm?  Is it because they snooze all day I wonder, that’s the life for me if so?!

Anyhow if you’re not asleep all day, you probably need an under eye concealer ever so periodically to hide any misdemeanours, like partying all night, or forgetting to take your make up off, or just because you’ve been boiling hot, staring at the ceiling all night unable to sleep!

I’ve been a Touché Éclat advocate for as long as I can remember, the original and the best right?  Well recently I’ve branched out and had a dabble with some other brands.  Here goes my top three:

First up Touché Éclat.  I first bought this in Harvey Nicks back in the day, when it came in one colour only.  Since those early days the range has expanded beyond all recognition, oh and they’ve added a few colour options to this icon.  It retails at £25 and I always still opt for shade 2 ‘original’ (imaginative I know!).  If you’ve never used or seen this before (whaaaaat?!), it comes in a pen applicator with a handy little brush at one end.  A couple of clicks and you have enough product for both under eye areas, a few more and you can do the sides of your nose etc.  Its branded as eight hours of sleep in a magic wand, and every makeup artist has dozens of these on standby for events and shoots.  To be totally honest, I would never want to run out of my Touché Eclat, it is the best.

It provides fairly full coverage, is amazing at contouring, has about a million uses, is ridiculously easy to use, travels really well, can be applied throughout the day, doesn’t cake, is buildable etc etc.  It’s the granddaddy of concealers and everyone should own at least one!

Mid range is Benefit’s Fake Up Crease Control Concealer.  This retails at £18.50 and comes in three different shades, mine is in light.  So this is a recent dalliance and a little different to your standard under eye   / highlighter.   It has a central core of colour, which I would say is definitely full coverage, and an outer layer of moisturising vitamin E moisturising balm.  Rather than Touché Éclat’s light bouncing illusion, this one opts for more of a blur technique with the help of that outer layer.  I found this one a little heavy for my under eye area, but pretty darn good on the sides of my nose.  If you have very dry skin, or scaly bits under your eyes I can imagine this would be a dream.

Lots of people either love or hate this product, and it seems to be the great oily v dry skin divide at fault here.  If you’ve got exceptionally oily skin you should probably avoid this one.  However normals and drys would find this beneficial (get it?!).  It comes in a super sleek and cute lipstick style wand, great for holidays and handbags.

Finally, and I may have saved the best for last, the drug store standout winner is . . . Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer at only £7.99.  It comes in only two colours at Boots, and is regularly sold out of ‘light’ online and in stores I’ve found.  This stuff is beyond brilliant for the price!  It comes in a little bottle, you turn the top, lots of clicks and the product dispenses onto the spongey poofy bit.  You then dab wherever you need a little help.  I cannot praise this product highly enough!  It’s a medium coverage, but certainly sorts out all of my dark and dodgy bits!

I apply with the sponge then blend out with a foundation brush.  It doesn’t settle into creases or fine lines for some reason, gives a really good natural full coverage, and creates that polished look I really like.  I’ve seen some reviewers criticise the colour and say that the ‘light’ is a bit orange for pale complexions.  I’m surprised by this, I’m fairly tan at the moment and light is perfect for me, so I may snap up a nude for the Autumn / Winter seasons just in case.  I would say, your under eye concealer is not actually meant to be a hundred shades lighter than your foundation or indeed natural skin tone, I’m not sure where all that came from!  For a natural polished look, it should be pretty much the same as your skin tone, unless you are Kim K or reading the news on BBC Breakfast you don’t really need any crazy, dazzling, noticeably white tones underneath your eyes do you?!

Loves – if you can find it, try the Maybelline option in store and see if it works for you.  I really love it and am super pleased I found it.  If you can’t, then opt for the one and only Touché Éclat.

Not so Loves – sorry Benefit, there are better options out there, but I’ll keep on using Fake Up, maybe in the winter when I’m a little more concerned about dry bits!  It’s good but it’s not that good!

Overall – there are so many options out there for concealers.  Try to get matched in store to your natural shade and you will see what I mean about the it’s better to go natural than the Kim K look!

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