New products I’ll be trying this month! August 2015

All these ’empties’, or ‘products I’ve been loving’ a month later posts – meh who cares!  I want to look forward to all my exciting new discoveries!  So I hope I’m ‘inventing’ a new regular post here!  Products I will be trying this month.  Let me know if you like this idea? I will do a full review of everything I’ve used once ive given them all a fair go!

So so here is what I will be trying in August 2015:

Glamglow Youthmud

I have finally got my sticky little paws on a sample size of Glamglow Youthmud (hurrah! From a Feel Unique Beauty Box).  It’s only 15ml, but I’m hoping it’s enough to do a couple of trials.  The actual normal sized pots of this stuff are usually £40, which I haven’t been able to justify really due to the very mixed results and reviews this product gives.  I’m really looking forward to try this as its meant to instantly leave my complexion ‘looking visibly brighter and smoother’.  It’s also a tingly one, so let’s see how it works with my slightly sensitive skin shall we?!


The Body Shop – Mango Range

As you will have seen from my post on Honeymania, I have recently rediscovered the good old Body Shop!  I’m branching out again this month (having used up my Honeymania Butter and pretty much all of the perfume) to try out the Mango shower gel  butter and perfume.  I’ve been slathering on the butter as a stretch mark cream.  I found the honey version to be super buttery and great at lasting all day and night (I apply am and pm), so I’m hoping the mango works just as well.  I just fancied a change of fragrance, so I’m excited to try mango for August!

The shower gel is £4, the butter is £14 and the perfume is £8.50 (as always I buy online when there is a good offer, so never pay full price or don’t get something free when I purchase!).

Ooooo mango!
Ooooo mango!

Marks and Spencer Costume Jewellery

My fingers are finally too fat and swollen to wear my wedding ring and engagement ring, hey I lasted eight and three-quarter months!  Not bad really!  I’ve managed to prise off my wedding ring and replace it with a pretty piece of costume jewellery.  I have partly done this because my fingers are so swollen I’m worried about cutting off the blood supply (!) but I am also worried about going into hospital to give birth with my actual ring and never seeing it again.  So I have purchased this pretty little sparkler from Marks and Spencer’s.  It’s platinum plated (the rest is fake!) and retails at £18.  You can buy online here.

Bling ring!
Bling ring!

Book – The Rightful Heir by Brian Baillie Jr.

I connected with Brian on Twitter, I have no idea how!  But I snapped up his book as soon as it came out and have just started reading it for August.  It’s a totally fantastical plot line, like nothing I’ve ever heard before and it’s set mainly in our own fair London.  You can purchase and read the synopsis here I’m two chapters through already and can’t wait to read the rest!

August's Book Choice
August’s Book Choice

4 thoughts on “New products I’ll be trying this month! August 2015

    1. Me too for ages and ages! But I’ve heard such mixed things I didn’t want to buy a full size, Feel Unique is the only place I’ve found the little sample size. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for reading and commenting! Xx

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