It’s Granola! Friday Obsession!

Mmmmmm enough to feed my granola habit?!
Mmmmmm enough to feed my granola habit?!

After I read a little post about a sugar-free cereal that actually tastes good on, I had a tiny splurge on granola!  This is not the kind of post I normally do, it’s normally all about beauty and babies (!) but I thought I would share my love of granola and my new discovery of a great brand!

So I’ve been in love with oats forever!  I’m not a healthy girl at heart, I hate vegetables, salad is one of my worst nightmares!  The only vaguely healthy thing I really enjoy other than fruit, is oats and especially granola!  I’ll happily munch on granola for my supper as well as my breakfast.  My only reservation with some brands of granola is the inclusion of nuts!  I love the taste of nuts, but not the texture!  (Finikerty eater much?!).  Anyhow after reading School Run Beauty’s review, and checking with her that this brand doesn’t contain huge chunks of nuts, I ordered myself some boxes of lovely fruity granola from 

Other than not containing nasty nuts (!) what’s so special about this granola?  Well they are made from pure fruit juices, oats (big tick!), malt, real fruit pieces and rapeseed oil.  They are particularly good for children, vegans and veggies as well as diabetics.  Basically they contain absolutely no nastiness, are super high in fibre and are fantastic for heart health.  Not only do I generally love granola as a staple breakfast and snack, but I’m also thinking that post pregnancy it will be great for helping me to be a little healthier and lose some of this baby weight.

I ordered my granolas in Apple, Banana and Chocolate (beyond amazing!), Blackcurrant and Apple and Orange.  Big boxes cost £3.95 each.  They also do a range of ‘Crunch Granolas’ which have lots of yummy seeds in them.  My mum is diabetic so I’ve given her my orange box which she loves!

The Banana Chocolate is the absolute best of the bunch!  It’s really chocolatey without being bad for you!  Banana and chocolate was always going to be a winning combination for me, but this stuff is seriously delicious!  I like to eat my granola with a spoonful of Greek yoghurt, but they are pretty good with milk or just on their own as a snack.

The other great thing about this brand is you can buy all the granolas in little sample size boxes.  I’m very lucky that they sent me some little samples with my order and I will be taking these in my hospital bag for when I finally (!) go into labour to give me an extra boost of energy, or help with recovery!  What a great product, and you’re welcome for the great idea!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Granola! Friday Obsession!

    1. It’s sooooo yummy! I’ve just finished a bowl of the apple one, I don’t know how they do it, but the oats all taste like apple juice! So yum! And such a friendly company – try it! Xx thanks for stopping by and commenting! Xx


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