Lush Kitchen Haul Y’All!

More Kitchen Goodies!
More Kitchen Goodies!

After my very first foray into all things Lush Kitchen (an exclusive limited edition range available online – when they’re gone, they’re gone!) Im completely hooked!  So I ordered more lovely Lush Kitchen goodies and here’s what I got!

Banana Moon – Soap £4.25 for 100g.  Ooooo a bananery solid lump of sheer delight I thought!  I can’t wait to unwrap and use in the shower all over, as well as using as a hand soap.  I love bananas!  Something was off when it arrived though!  I thought it smelled peculiar in the packaging, out of its wrapper, yep definitely peculiar!  At the side of my hand basin and used as a normal soap it smells like plastic.  There is a definite hint of banana (like the real stuff not synthetic at all) but, it’s got a big hit of plastic smell in there as well!  I think something must be wrong with my bar, as all the reviews on the Lush website rave about this soap!  I’m not sure whether it’s been sliced and put into the packaging too early and therefore absorbed the plastic scent, or something has just gone wrong in the making, but my little bar is definitely not right!  Having said that, it’s tolerable on my hands, and doesn’t dry them out at all.  I’ve just got my husband to sniff the bar, he tells me it just smells like soap, so maybe my pregnant nose is slightly off!

A Ring Of Roses – Buttercream £5 for 100g.  I adore this stuff!  It’s a solid pink bar that smells like soapy roses!  I use it all over my body in the shower before bed, so I go to sleep dreaming sweet pink, rose-tinted dreams!  It lathers quite nicely, no huge bubbles or anything and it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean!  My feet felt ridiculously super clean after using this, to the point where I was rubbing them together in sheer bliss!  It would be fantastic if this little angel migrated to the in store range . . . Hint hint!

Big Calm – Shower Jelly £7.95 for a big tub!  Oh another mini disappointment.  I absolutely adore the fragrance of this jelly, it’s like a piña colada!  I’ve never used a jelly before, so perhaps this is my fault, but I just can’t get on with it!  After I managed to prise a chunk out of the tub, it didn’t lather at all for me, it was so slippery I dropped it numerous times and to be honest, I was pretty fed up and the last time it fell, I let it slide down the plug hole with no remorse!  I really wanted to like this because it smells so lovely, but I’m a little worried to use it again as it was such a faff for not a great deal of pleasure!  Surely it should foam just a little bit?!

After Tango – Foot Mask £6.95 for 75g.  I’ve saved the best until last!  I love Lush foot masks.  Yes they take a little bit of invest,net in yourself in terms of time and mess, but my goodness they are worth it!  You wash and dry your feet, apply your mask liberally on your feet, paying particular attention to the dry nasty bits, wrap in clingfilm, have a little relax somewhere for ten minutes, then wash off and pat dry.  This mask smells, well, Lush!  It’s a kind of honey, floral scent.  It’s got all kinds of lovely natural ingredients in it, asparagus anyone?!  I keep mine in the fridge so it helps to depuff my swollen feet and ankles, as well as get rid of the nasty dry skin!  This mask is super fresh so I think it only lasts about four weeks before its use by date, and it also comes in a really tiny pot for the price, probably three applications if you’re lucky!  I do really like the scent and the way my feet feel afterwards though!  Great for the summer!

I love these little cards you get with every Kitchen product!
I love these little cards you get with every Kitchen product!

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