50 blog post ideas for beauty bloggers

Hello lovelies, some hopefully, helpful ideas for blogs posts when you are a little stuck for ideas!  This one’s for my beauty blogger babes!

  1. First ever fragrance love – first perfume you ever bought, think Impulse body spray!
  2. Five of your favourite bloggers, who gives you inspiration
  3. Five of your favourite vloggers, who translates really well to the small screen?
  4. How your skincare regime has changed over the years?
  5. Wonder lust product!  If money was no object what’s the first skincare item you’d buy?  Creme de la mere anyone?
  6. Wonder lust product!  If money was no object, what’s the first makeup item you’d buy?
  7. Review a freebie magazine product
  8. Make up tool(s) you couldn’t live without
  9. What part of your beauty regime do you often neglect, but really shouldn’t?!
  10. Five essential skin care products you can’t live without
  11. Day or week without make up, including photographs!  Mission impossible?
  12. The importance of diet in maintaining your skin – or not?!  Do you drink eight pints of water to give you that dewy glow?
  13. Skin care recovery plan after a night out / sunburn / lack of sleep etc!
  14. What’s in your makeup bag?
  15. What’s in your holiday makeup bag?
  16. When did you start really investing in skin care and why?
  17. Whats the most money you’ve spent on make up and skin care and why?  What persuaded you to do it?!  Did you regret it?
  18. Biggest beauty regret?  Neon eyeshadow?!  Expensive orange lipstick?!
  19. Beauty icon – someone who always looks the way you wish you looked?
  20. A decade of beauty?  Icons from the golden age of glamour or beauty?
  21. Your top spa or salon review.
  22. Moment or period in your life when you felt most beautiful?
  23. Event make up looks, from prom to wedding
  24. indulgent bathing rituals, top products, candle light etc!
  25. Body care essentials, from scrubs to butters
  26. Best beauty gift or piece of advice you’ve ever received?
  27. What piece of beauty wisdom or knowledge would you want to pass on?
  28. Review a beauty book.
  29. Top magazines or websites for beauty inspiration.
  30. Countouring, strobing, what’s the next big thing – your personal makeup prediction?
  31. Fashion week beauty review, study a fashion week and suggest up coming makeup trends, colours etc.
  32. Are you a lipstick or eyeshadow junkie?  Which couldn’t you live without?
  33. Your prefered look, clashing colours, statement eyes, statement lips, muted tones, bronze goddess etc
  34. Hair heroes – drug store steals you could live without
  35. Your hair colour journey!  What colours have you been or why would you never dye your hair?
  36. Your thoughts on going grey?  Acceptable / not acceptable?  For you or not for you?
  37. TV period drama review where the hair / makeup is particularly good or spectacular?
  38. Thoughts on why we are never happy with the way we look?  Or the importance of investing in the way we look?  Or otherwise!
  39. Beauty box subscriptions – for you or not for you?  Which are your favourite?  Or would you rather save the money and buy a full size of something you really want?
  40. Beauty tips from your mother or grandmother.
  41. Do you invest in regular haircuts, or go for months without them?  Why?
  42. Do you invest in regular treatments e.g. Massages or facials.  If so which ones, which products and why!
  43. Do you look out for ‘ethical’ products?  Do you only buy cruelty free products?  If not, why not?  Beauty at any price?  Does it matter to you?
  44. Do you have any beauty quirks to share?  E.g. Sleeping on a silk pillow to prevent wrinkles?
  45. Vitamin regime to support beauty? Do you take supplements, maybe collagen capsules?
  46. Foot care regime, from buffing to painting your toenails.  How and what do you use?
  47. How do you get beach ready?  Or Christmas party ready?
  48. How much time do you invest in your beauty regime on a weekly basis?  Diary everything you do over the course of a week!
  49. Do you rush out and buy the latest product, just because it’s new?  Which products or makeup newbies do you most want to try and why?
  50. Do you have a signature look or signature fragrance?  Do you always wear lipstick, or will you never be seen without sunglasses for example?  Are you an experimenter at heart, or a signature looker?   Why?

Hope those were useful suggestions!  Send me your blog post links if you use any of them, I’d like to read! Xx

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