Pretty Pink Lip Butter!

Revlon Lip Butter
Revlon Lip Butter

At £7.99 you probably wouldn’t mind losing this little butter at the bottom of your bag and rediscovering it again at some point in the future, think Oooo pretty, and then promptly forget all about it again!  These little lip butters have been around for a few years now, although they’ve had some recent new colour additions added to the line.

I’m not a huge fan of cheap lipstick, although having said that Revlon are a bit of a drug store conundrum here.  They are actually quite expensive when compared to the other little displays of makeup goodies in Boots!  A foundation or powder can set you back well over £10.  If anyone from Revlon is reading this my plea to you would be, what is with the 80s packaging though guys?  The powders and primers and facial products generally, haven’t changed appearance in decades, maybe time for a redesign? Anyhow the stars of the Revlon line are definitely these lip butters.  They are halfway between a balm and a lip gloss.  My personal favourite is Strawberry Shortcake.  This is a super true pink, it’s buildable if you prefer a more out there, verging on Barbie pink!

This is the great thing about these butters, one sweep will give you a very natural sheen, a couple will give you a I’m wearing lipstick look and anything more will give you a strong colour pop.  They do need reapplying quite a bit if your on the look out for heavy coverage, and yes they do not pass the glass test!  They are quite glossy, as you would expect with a butter, but with no extreme scary shine either!

Loves – true colour that’s buildable, lasts well with light coverage, not so great with heavy coverage

Not so Loves – the packaging! It’s blooming hard to open these butters!

Overall – a good ‘budget’ product, relatively versatile in application and colour buildability

Pretty pink lips!
Pretty pink lips!

4 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Lip Butter!

  1. I love these too! They feel really nice on and not drying. Just used up my last one (creme brulee). Really want to buy more now, but feel bad buying lip colours when I have sooooo many others x


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