You Beauty Box August Subscription – Review

What have we here?!
What have we here?!
My chosen two!
My chosen two!

My latest quest for beauty box subscription perfection brought me to You Beauty Discovery Box (thanks so much to Becca at for the recommendation to try this box).  So this is an offering from the Daily Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine and at only £6.95, I think this may well be the cheapest on the market.  Once a month you logon to the You Beauty Box website and choose two products from a relatively good selection (about eight things to choose from) and you also receive some bonus items.

Here is what I got for my £7:

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster (15ml pump – actually bigger than you’d think!).

I’m really attracted to anything containing collagen or promising to boost collagen production.  I loved the Murad Collagen serum in Look Fantastic’s June Beauty Box (my review here) but couldn’t justify the price for a full size.  I’ve never used anything from this brand but know they are relatively high-end, so I think getting such a good-sized sample included in my box is pretty darn good value!  It’s usually about £20 for this size, so in my cold, hard, value for money brain, I figure I’ve made my investment back and then some, on just this one product!  Anyhow this little pump is all about vitamin C, which is so potent in this formula it promises to smooth out lines and wrinkles and helps to prevent further damage.

I think you will either be a lover or a hater when it comes to the fragrance, it’s a pretty sweet orange scent to me, some might find it sickly!  I think it’s one of those things that you’d have to use over a few months to see a dramatic difference or otherwise, for me it’s a great little serum, applied under my usual moisturiser or at night for a really intensive boost.  It makes my skin feel super soft and very well cared for.  A hit for little old me!

Inika Mineral Bronzer in 02 Sunkissed

Truth be told this was my second choice.  There was an option to get a Stila eyeliner, but they were sold out by the time I ordered my box (I ordered in late July so blimey you’d have to get in early to get your pick of the really good stuff!).  I chose this bronzer as I wanted an item of makeup and this looked like a great option.  Again I’ve not used anything by Inika before, and I’d actually never heard of them!  I’m super impressed with this little pot of sunshine as they usually retail for £20 each!  Sunkissed is their medium / light colour and can be used as a traditional bronzer or highlighter or for contouring.  Inika say its naturally water-resistant and that its ingredients of titanium and zinc oxide offer natural, inbuilt sun protection.

I like that this is a natural product.  On my hand it came out a little orangey, if I’d had a choice I might have opted for their lightest shade.  It’s also pretty sparkly, which is kind of ok for evenings, but probably a little too much for us thirty somethings during the day.  I applied quite sparingly, as I would my usual bronzer and it did give me a healthy glow, without looking too orange.  It’s nice, but you could go crazy with the application fairly easily!

Other stuff in the box

I’m seriously underwhelmed by the other things in the box.  To be fair they are only there as a bonus and are absolutely not a deal breaker!  I got a sachet of Sienna X gradual self tanner.  I do really like Sienna X, I confess to having my own spray tan machine and a shed load of Sienna X tanner.  I think they are the best on the market, so a sachet of this stuff is a bit meh for me!  It’s a great product if you’ve never tried it though!  I also got a chapter of a book by Cassandra Clare.  Hmmm about as useful as a chocolate fire guard surely!  I’d rather not have had this at all, I may give it a glance over at some point . . .


What a great little box this is!  I love being able to choose what I want, albeit from a limited selection.  You also don’t have to sign up for the subscription unless you actually want the box!  So I have cancelled my subscription but will go back and see if there is anything from September’s offering that I want and sign up again if so.  I love that I have genuinely got £40 worth of stuff for £7.  Putting aside the bonus items as a little bit of a waste of box space, I am impressed!  The box is available at

3 thoughts on “You Beauty Box August Subscription – Review

    1. Ahh thanks for reading and commenting. It’s definitely the best I’ve found, after getting really fed up of all the rubbish you get in the ‘big’ boxes! This one had lots of goodies to choose from! And it’s cheap!!! Xxx


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