Dry Shampoos the Best of the Best?

A little collection!
A little collection!

Im a huge fan of dry shampoos, especially when on holidays or travelling, or when it gets even the tiniest bit hot and sticky!  I don’t usually use them at the moment when I’m just at home.  Since being pregnant my scalp has been a littler drier than normal.  I usually wash the old barnet about once every three days (mainly because I do not want to strip moisture from my relatively dry hair, damage my colour etc).  You might look my up and down in disgust for not washing my hair every day, I used to honestly!  I just feel it’s better for me not to wash every day.

Anyhow!  Dry shampoos are pretty much of a muchness really, aren’t they?  I’ve got lots because I get bored with them, half use them, decide I don’t like the fragrance any more, that kind of thing!  I look for dry shampoos that don’t make me look like I’ve been involved in a talcum powder fight, are super sticky or make my hair stand up on end!  So here are my picks (I generally buy in travel sizes to take away with me).

Batiste – I think this is the original and the best.  You can get it everywhere, it’s in loads and loads of different formulas and scents now (normally between £3-£4 for a big can).  It does leave the tell-tale white powder, but if you give it a good brush in, or a jolly good back comb, you can get rid of all the white bits.  It also comes in a brunette version which I really like.  None of the white stuff, and it helps to conceal the grey stragglers!  I’ve also purchased their dry conditioner and I’m really sad to say it’s utter pants.  I’m not even sure what it does, but it doesn’t condition your hair, it doesn’t really do anything.  If you are after something to help tame flyways or help with humidity I’d recommend Mark Hill, my review is here.  Don’t bother with this stuff!

COLAB – again widely available in Superdrug, pretty cheap like Batiste and the brain child of the beautiful Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends.  Its meant to be invisible, it isn’t.  If you popped this and Batiste in unmarked cans and asked me to tell you which was which, I would have absolutely no clue!  The only really difference is this one comes in a shed load of lovely scents.  I really like New York, fruity and lovely!  If you are worried about your hair smelling like old wardrobes after a day or so, this one is your go to dry shampoo.

Percy and Reed – a little bit of a splurge, this one is more like £12 a bottle for the full size.  It is genuinely invisible unless you cake it on.  It’s the best from that perspective, but performance wise it’s the same as Batisite or COLAB.  It’s only downside is that it doesn’t really smell of that much to me, I like a stronger scent like COLAB.

I doubt any any dry shampoo does anything ‘good’ for your hair other than conceal oily roots and help give you volume.  It’s basically makeup for your hair.  Batiste, in my humble opinion, is the best value on the market, I really like that it comes in a variety of colour options (essential for brunettes or red heads).  I will continue buying Batiste for an oil free scalp and I’m sure I’ll be using a lot more of these when my little one finally arrives!

One thought on “Dry Shampoos the Best of the Best?

  1. I LOVE the Batiste dry shampoo so much I repurchase it the second I run out. I get it in the brunette version and it helps blend it into my hair. Great post! :))


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