Liz Earle Limited – Rose and Lavender Cleanse and Polish

Rose and Lavender - delish!
Rose and Lavender – delish!

I’m a huge fan of the Liz Earle limited edition Cleanse and Polish cleansers that come out every so often (my review of the last one is here).  Of all of them I really wanted to try the Rose and Lavender, but I had arrived at my Liz Earle obsession too late, and this one was a back catalogue legend!  It came back briefly in a limited edition tin with two others (one of which I really didn’t like – shocking!) which I couldn’t justify purchasing.  So it was with unhesitating relish I snapped up a pump of this the moment I spotted it online!

Its got got all the usual goodness and lovely cleansing properties of a Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.  I use Cleanse and Polish with a Muslim square every single night to remove all my makeup and daily grime.  The muslin also gives you a nice gentle exfoliate (I have a huge collection of Liz Earle muslin squares – I’ve just replenished my stock and donated my freshly washed older ones to our little one for when they arrive, for  top and tailing washes.  I have to say they last a really long time, I usually wash mine with our bed linen at 90 degrees and mine have all lasted well for at least eighteen months!).

This one is a really lovely edition to the range.  It makes a great change from the original, which I absolutely adore and will never stop repurchasing!  I think it smells more of lavender than rose, but I love both fragrances so much that I don’t really mind!  I find the limited editions come in absolutely massive sizes that last me a ridiculously long time.  I still have the previous version on the go, and a 100ml of the original and this one now that I interchange regulalry and use every night.  I’d say using every night, one of these would last you a good six weeks.  They are really good value, and a great investment in your skin care regime.

It retails at £20.75 for a 150ml pump, with two full sized, silver trimmed muslin cloths.  You can purchase online at Liz Earle.

Loves – another brilliant limited edition, leaves my skin squeaky clean, without drying it out

Not so Loves – you have to snap these limited’s up as soon as they come out as they do sell out incredibly quickly!

Overall – I’m so glad this one came back and I’m so glad I got to try it

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