Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector by Bobbi Brown – Review

Bobbi Brown Lovliness
Bobbi Brown Lovliness

I’ll be honest, if there was a list of things I could change, my pore size would probably be up there in my top three of aesthetic nice to haves!  I’m not terribly bothered by my nasty oversized pores anymore, I mean there is more to life really isn’t there?  But if there are products out there that can help create a flawless base, well then you would wouldn’t you?!

I love Benefit’s Porefessional, but I’m always happy to try a new primer or wonder solution!  I stumbled upon this new offering from Bobbi Brown while merrily filling my online basket with lots of other goodies!  Not only does this little miracle tube promise to blur all those horrible pores, but it also promises to ‘physically reduce pore size over time’.   It’s formulated with ‘Algae Extract, Glucosamine and a unique blend of powders’, which I guess are the special ingredients that promise to shrink your pores.

Hmmm!  So I’ve used this post moisturiser, pre makeup on my oily t-zone.  As a primer it has a lovely lemony, citrusy fragrance, and it applies really easily.  It’s more of a white fluid primer rather than a flesh coloured balm.  On application it soaks up any oil, I’m not sure it’s the greatest as a primer as a result (to be fair it’s a pore minimiser more than a primer, but who wants to use fifteen different products every morning?).

I’ve tested this little miracle in some pretty harsh conditions, during a sweltering heat wave in the UK.  After a full day of baking in the sun, wearing reasonable coverage makeup and a hot and sweaty dog walk, my make up looks remarkably good.  My usually, ridiculously, shiny nose after about fifteen seconds of shutting the front door, just hasn’t really happened.  Hurrah!

Im not sure about this product actually shrinking pores over time, I’m not really sure anything is actually scientifically proven to do that?  As a mattifying anti shine primer this stuff is brilliant!  It’s expensive at £26 for 25ml, but if you have a super oily t-zone it’s genuinely worth every penny.  I’m going to keep going with it and I’ll report back in if it does do anything dramatic to my pore size, for now I’m skeptical!  A few reviewers have said it does actually perform here, ‘hmmm’ is all I can say!

Loves – keeps the oil at bay all day, seriously powerful mattifyer

Not so Loves – if a product is going to promise some technical sort of result then back it up with the science baby!

Overall – I love it!  Take it as it is, it’s a mattifyer, it may be a little harsh on drier skin types, you may want to combine it with a different primer on your cheeks or dryer areas.

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