Pretty Good Drug Store Hair Oil! Garnier Review

Garnier Hair Oil
Garnier Hair Oil

I adore hair oils.  I’ve used them for a seriously long time as the ends of my hair (no matter what I do) tend to be very dry.  I’ve coloured my hair for years no (thanks to premature greying!), so I always feel the need to use an oil.  I absolutely saturate my hair from root to tip in hair oil before I go to bed, the night before I wash my hair as usual.  I don’t tend to use oils too much on dry hair before I style, I only do this if it’s seriously dry or frizzy.  I’ve used every type of hair oil going, from every brand and at every price point!  My firm favourite has been Elemis Exotic Moni Oil (my review is here) for a while.  After recently colouring my hair I thought I’d buy a cheaper option, so I could use the product with abandon and coat every strand without calculating the cost!

So I popped into Boots and found Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Glow Oil.  This little collection is a recent addition to the Garnier Hair Care range and usually retails at about £10 a bottle.  It was on offer when I purchased, and it is available online for much cheaper if you shop around.

There are lots of different uses for this oil, the usual one for me around how I use it as a pre shampoo, or as a de-frizzer, or to add shine and excitingly it says it can protect against damage from up to 230 C heat.

I’ve now used it to coat my hair for a night of deep moisturisation and I’ve used a single pump to add shine and tame flyaways to my freshly washed hair.  This little oil smells really quite divine, very floral.  It’s an extremely light weight oil, so I’m not sure it’s that useful for my main purpose of coating my hair for a deep treatment.  Having said that, it did leave my freshly coloured hair super soft after washing it out.  It’s exceptional used on dry hair to add shine and tame the frizzy flyaway bits.  I’m really impressed if used like this, it can also add a bit of protection against heat and styling.

I have very fine hair (but lots of it) and this oil is so lightweight it didn’t weigh my hair down or give it that horrible lank, greasy look in the slightest!

Loves – a high quality, reasonably priced and readily available hair oil

Not so Loves – I’m not sure it can penetrate the hair shaft as much a purer (and thus more expensive) oils

Overall – a great little find and one which I will be using consistently now

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