Mini Brand Haul – Bourjois

A trio of delights!
A trio of delights!
Oooo an alternative to BB creams?
Oooo an alternative to BB creams?

I’ve been a lover of drugstore brand Bourjois for a seriously long time! I remember my Mum splurging on their little eye shadow pots when I was really little, those little magical iridescent pots of glamour . . . Since then I’ve bought a few myself, and I was a hardened addict to their eyeliner for about a decade, until, I got fed up with not being able to find sealed containers in Boots (it needs to be totally untouched for me to purchase, yes I have a Sheldon Cooper obsession about this!).

Anyhow I digress!  Bourjois recently launched an exciting range of new cream blushers in pump form which I’ve been wanting to try, along with trying to find a lighter foundation / BB cream for summer skin.  Luckily Boots had a good old three for two offer on, so here is what I went for:

Aqua Blush (£8.99) – I got mine in Pink Twice.  So I’m not a huge fan of blusher generally, I’m more of a bronzer girl.  The only blush I actually own that isn’t part of a kit or set, is a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick (my blog post is here).  There is so much hype around these new blushers that I decided to give it a go.  So you get a little bottle with a pump to dispense just the right amount of product.  Initially I pumped into my hand and thought, eeeek blimey that is pink!  I applied very sparingly to the apples of my cheeks, I used about half a pump for this.  The colour is actually very subtle, no Aunt Sally look here!  I guess the clue is in the ‘Aqua’ as the product is pretty watered down (much to my relief!).  It’s super lightweight and blended really well over my foundation.  It lasted all day, even in the heat.  If you are into cream based products, give this a go, it’s certainly less harsh than a powder blush.  I think I’ll keep going with my bronzer until the last of our summer then come back to this!

Next up Nude Sensation Foundation (£9.99) – I have mine in Nude Rose.  I’ve been looking for a very lightweight foundation or BB cream for a while now.  Just something to give me a little coverage, not too heavy, not too matte or dewy!  I’m really glad I picked this little gem up.  It is really little for the price, more like a concealer size, but you actually need hardly any product so I can see it lasting a really long time.  It’s like a whipped foundation, not quite a mousse, not quite a cream, something in between.  It’s very lightweight, but I found I could build it up over an area of pink pigmentation I have on my chin.  It’s meant to smooth out your skin and blur fine lines etc.  I think it did this, which was really very surprising!  It’s such an odd texture, but it’s actually a real pleasure to use, it stays put, but doesn’t really feel like you are wearing any product.  I really love this product.

Finally Happy Light Concealer (£8.99) – I have mine in Ivoire which is the lightest they do.  This little pot of concealer is absolutely tiny!  Much smaller than the eyeshadows they do.  I bought this to give me some additional coverage on the sides of my nose and chin, I ended up using it under my eyes as well.  It’s a really excellent, quite medium to full coverage concealer.  It’s a solid little cream that I applied with my fingers and then blended out with my foundation brush.  This product is absolutely fabulous for your handbag as its tiny, and comes with a little mirror for application on the go.  It is pretty heavy, so if you were not careful I’d think this could settle into lines.  It turns almost powdery once it’s set.  Overall a good find!

Have you tried the new Aqua blush?  What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Mini Brand Haul – Bourjois

  1. I always seem to hear good things about Bourjois. I just recently got two of their regular foundations in the mail and can’t wait to try them out! Maybe I’ll even look into some of the products you mentioned (notably that aqua blush).

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