If you buy one MAC lipstick!


It’s a common misconception that Joan Harris, the most beautiful and iconic character on TV’s Mad Men (expertly played by Christina Hendricks) wears red lipstick.  The vast majority of the time, she does not!   The dhow’s make up artist, Lana Horochowski, recently revealed she used far more pink and neutrals on Hendricks to create her perfectly polished look (glamourpuss much?!).  Among those revealed was MAC’s creme sheen lipstick in Fanfare.  Voila, as pictured!

Im really trying with lipsticks at the moment, having dabbled but mainly shunned them in the past for gloss or just a slick of LipSalve! A glamourpuss really should never be seen without lipstick surely?  So I parted with  £15.50 of my hard earned money to achieve the ‘Joan’ look!  MAC in the UK do free shipping and you usually get a cute freebie with purchase, I got a very mini mascara to try, so that sweetened the deal!

The result can be seen below!  The colour is not red, it’s not orange, it’s not nude, it’s an absolutely lovely true pink.  It’s a pink with some depth though and it’s divine!  It’s totally perfect on my now fading tan skin!  I used with Illamasqua lip liner in Woo – which every pink lipstick lover really should own!  It goes with a magnitude of pink shades, lipstick and gloss.

Bloggers rave about creme sheen lipsticks because they are super moisturising, are fairly shinny on application, but can be made matte with a good tissue / powder blot.  Fanfare rarely gets a look in though on top recommendations, which is odd!  It’s a little icon in my humble opion!  The colour stays put for yonks! It did transfer to my coffee cup, but there was plenty of coverage left after a rather large beverage!

Obviously you should never buy a lipstick on a blogger’s recommendation!  We all suit different colours, brands, formulations differently. I’m ever on a quest for pink perfection, as I’m not in the slightest bit daring when it comes to lipsticks.  If like me pink is your thing or you just want to emulate Ms Harris, go have a look at this one!

Loves – true colour that stays put, at a very reasonable price

Not so Loves – nothung really, I even like the bullet style packaging!

Overall – It’s a pink dream!

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